New Restaurant Alert : Authentic Japanese at Kyo-to Kaiseki

I must admit that for the past couple of months, I have been going back to the same restaurants and the same places for my own dose of comfort food. I haven’t been adventurous enough lately to try out the new places that have sprouted around the metro.

But recently, there has been a new “talk of the town”. Friends have been talking about the new and authentic (but very discreet) Japanese restaurant that opened just a few weeks ago in one of the streets of Legaspi Village.

The place is called Kyo-to, named after the former imperial capital and cultural heart of Japan, and a place I’m sure a lot of you may have already visited or are familiar with.

Just like most of the good restaurants in Japan, Kyo-to aspires to provide its guests the highest expression of Japanese gastronomy here in the country. This means dishes are served here Kaiseki style.

Most would define Kaiseki as an elegant multiple course meal, served with the best seasonal ingredients. But the experience is actually much more than what is served on the plate…

This is Chef Ryohei Kwamoto, who even at an early age appreciated the joy of food. He is blessed with a mother who was an excellent cook, and who taught him the value of how the simplest of dishes could uplift the human spirit.

So what kind of dishes can you expect from Kyo-to?

Appetizer of crab vinegar with cucumber as tsukidashi

Toro or tuna belly with squid sashimi for otsukuri 

Grilled kamo or roasted duck

Grilled kamo or roasted duck

Grilled saba or mackerel with crispy fish skin

Grilled ohmi wagyu beef (A5 grade) — I say this is my favorite and really the best Japanese steak out there!

Gohan or steamed Japanese rice with marinated fish

Dorayaki or Japanese pancake with green tea powder mochi as mizugashi

Japanese pear

So if you are looking for a new place to try, I highly suggest Kyo-to. They just opened two months ago, but I have to tell you I am already quite impressed with their quality. Food is excellent from start to finish and service is personal and superb. A definite must-try for all Japanese food lovers out there! (Because really, who isn’t?)

Kyo-to Kaiseki Restaurant
G/F 119 C. Palanca Street
Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229
Tel No. +63.2.805.7743

Photos by : Gabby Cantero


  1. So how many courses were you served in all? I read somewhere else that it’s 5…but you have a lot of pictures haha

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