When in Italy : What to Eat in Milan

We all know that when in Italy, finding good food is not something we have to worry about. Whether you are traveling on a budget or you came here to splurge, you will find a dizzying number of delicious food that will suit all tastes. From classic Italian dishes to Asian cuisine, something to go or to sit down for a few hours, there is no going wrong with the food that Italy has to offer.

So now that we’ve talked about the different sights to see around Italy through our previous blog post here, allow me to now share with you some of my recommended restaurants and favorite dishes in one particular city (since this is where we spent most of our time in : Milan.

1. The Armani Ristorante

We love the food and we love the ambience of The Armani Ristorante in the Armani Hotel.

Eggs benedict with smoked salmon

This is the hotel where we stayed in, so this one Michelin-starred restaurant is where we had our nice, long and leisure breakfasts.

Veal Milanese

Dark chocolate and orange, passion fruit

They also have a very good set menu for lunch and dinner, which we got to try one time as well. Menu changes every season, so best to check or call them first if you are making a reservation.

Via Alessandro Manzoni, Italy
Tel no. +39 02 8883 8381

2. Giacomo Ristorante Arengorio

We had one of our best Italian meals here in Giacomo Arengario. Aside from its perfect location (right above the towering Piazza Duomo), it served us some of the best tasting classic Italian dishes!

Stewed tomatoes and saffron risotto

This risotto is thick and rich, and made with a lot of stewed tomatoes and saffron – giving this otherwise plain rice dish a lot of umami flavor, something which is really hard to describe! They topped it with fresh sweet shrimp tartare and some black truffles, making it go down memory lane as one of my most unforgettable Italian meals! 

Eggplant parmigiana

BEST Eggplant Parmigiana, I’ve ever had. Period!

 Deep dark chocolate tart with fleur de sel

I prayed for something like this and I am so glad it was given to me! Thick, dense and dark chocolate tart that is not too sweet, and with just a tiny sprinkle of salt on top. This dessert is perfect for dark chocoholics like me!

Mille Feuille stuffed with mascarpone and wild berries

Italian Mille Feuille is light, crispy and buttery. And this one in particular is stuffed with mascarpone and wild berries. I say this is one true classic Italian dessert, one that made me forget my name!

Via Pasquale Sottocorno, Italy
Tel no. +39 02 7602 3313

3. Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone

I never realized how much I love carbs until this trip to Italy. So even though I am the first one to shy away from pasta or rice dishes (elsewhere in the world, especially back home), I really just said YES, YES, YES to all these wonderful carbohydrate-filled dishes in Milan!

After all, you know what they say… when in Italy, you must do what the Italians do!

Il Salumaio located in the shopping avenue of Montenapoleone is a haven for classic Italian dishes. Look at the sumptuous dishes we had here :

Pasta crepe filled with truffled cream sauce

Meat tortellini with beef ragu

Tarte Tatin

This Tarte Tatin had a very thin and buttery flaky crust that was topped with sweet apple chunks and fresh Italian vanilla ice cream. It looks so simple, and you would probably think you had it before… but my oh my, one bite and you would realize you are really in Italy!

Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, Italy
Tel no. +39 02 7600 1123

4. Trussardi alla Scala 

Trussardi alla Scala is one elegant restaurant with an impeccable cuisine, serving excellent dishes with the freshest ingredients, in one superb location — overlooking the world-renowned Teatro all Scala. As the name suggests, this is owned by Italian fashion house Trussardi, and they were able to combine design, style and haute cuisine in one place!

Foie gras wrapped in baked brioche bread

Who says foie gras can only be served as a savory dish? This one in particular is foie gras wrapped in baked brioche bread, rolled in crushed almonds, drizzled with balsamic caramel sauce and then — topped with salted caramel ice cream! This slightly salty and sweet foie gras sandwich which was served to us as an appetizer really changed the way I look at foie gras! 

Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe with Uni

Uni or sea urchin on Italian pasta? Yes please!! I never even thought this combination was possible — but Trussardi alla Scala did it and with much aplomb! 

Piazza della Sacala 5, 20121 Milano, Italy
Tel No. +39 02 8068 8201

5. Vun at Park Hyatt

VUN is Park Hyatt Milano’s gourmet one Michelin-starred restaurant. The menu is sophisticated, perfect for a very refined and elegant restaurant. The atmosphere though intimate is not intimidating at all! In fact, service was superb and friendly, with special attention paid to every detail.

This was our very last meal in Milan, and it was just fitting that we had one very enjoyable and memorable experience! 

Cuttlefish Diavola Style 

Pork 100 hours

Pork braised for 100 hours (not kidding) cooked with red chicory, smoked provola cheese, honey, chili and peppers! This is sweet, salty and spicy — all in one dish!

Gianduja and raspberries

Of course, how in the world can I to turn down a dessert that is made of dark chocolate and raspberries?! Surely, this dish was the perfect way to end our meal here in Milan! 

Buon Appetito from Milano! 

Vial Silvio Pellico 3, Milan, Italy
Tel No. +39 02 8821 1234

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