It’s the end of another busy month… so here is our monthly tradition of rounding up our favorite things!

What made it to our TSM Fave Things for the month of April? Take a look :

 A Chocolate Birthday Cake

My eldest boy who recently turned 14 wanted a very simple celebration at home for his birthday. I guess this just means he’s done and over with the usual children’s parties he has had for the past several years. And of course, I was more than happy to oblige with his request! (After all, I still have 2 younger ones to worry about in terms of hosting kiddie parties!)  

His birthday cake was therefore as “simple” as it could be — no more cartoon characters, no more toys, no more frills, no more sprinkles! But rather, it was this deliciously simple chocolate cake that was homemade by Penny Tan of Love Butter and Provisions. This birthday cake was made with Malagos chocolate cremeaux, Gianduja buttercream and topped with cookie crumbs. Simple and uncomplicated, just plain delicious! The type of chocolate cake that will remind you of your childhood birthday cakes! 

Love and Butter Provisions – +63917 3064435

Organic swaddle blanket

This organic swaddle blanket I recently discovered from Malabar Baby is seriously the softest blanket I and my little girl have ever laid our hands on! My daughter (who is 6 and is officially no longer a “baby”) enjoys it so much that she has replaced her favorite blankie (from her babyhood) to this one. And I am not complaining… as it’s about time we retire her little worn and torn pink blanket she’s had from birth!

Malabar Baby — www.malabarbaby.com 

Hot and Sizzling S’mores

You all know by now how much I love chocolates… so imagine my delight when I discovered this S’mores and Hot Cocoa dessert from the new Grind Bistro located at the Net Park in BGC. This one in particular is probably one of the best S’mores I’ve had in a long time. It came on a sizzling plate, so the chocolate sauce that was poured on top of the roasted marshmallows and vanilla ice cream in the center — sizzled too! But you know what made this piece of dessert even more decadent and sinful? There were chocolate covered potato chips all around it! Seriously, there’s no way you can go wrong with this dessert! I am warning you : this is something both kids and adults will love — or even fight over with!

Grind Bistro — +632 946 3870

Gold Facial at The A Institute

Lately, I’ve been going back more often to The A Institute and The Aivee Clinic for my skin care. My favorite treatment here is the Gold Facial — it thoroughly cleans, exfoliates and rejuvenates my skin in as little as 60 minutes, without any pain or downtime at all! I especially love the black charcoal mask that they apply on my face after pricking and diamond peel as it’s very cooling and refreshing!

Take a look at my quick video that shows you how easy and painless the Gold Facial is and why it has easily become my favorite kind of treatment!

The A Institute : +632 573-1420

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