The Power of Social Media : A Talk in Assumption College

Last April 4, I was invited by my former school, the Assumption College to give a talk to its Communication senior students regarding the power and effects of social media nowadays. Of course to receive a gracious invitation like this from your alma mater is such an honor and privilege, so I immediately said YES! The chosen topic too — which is SOCIAL MEDIA, is something that’s very current and relevant nowadays, and one that’s close to my heart (as I’ve been blogging for 5 years now and counting), so this was a big come-on and bonus for me!

It was Pia Arcangel, one of GMA 7 Network’s anchor newscasters, who also teaches this Communications course in Assumption College, who invited me to give this talk to her class. She also happens to be my batchmate in high school!

I talked to them about how I started my own social media, how I created this blog, The Spoiled Mummy and later on, how this helped me build another brand, Grace Home, which now turned me into a blogger / entrepreneur.

I also discussed with them the pros and cons of the increasing “blogosphere” or the growing blogging industry nowadays, and how we are bombarded by hundreds and even thousands of other bloggers and other social media personalities and influencers every day.

Here I shared how it is very crucial for a blogger to give quality output more than anything, how it is vital for us to edit, edit and edit! As I explained to them, I would rather post less but quality blogs, rather than post every day just for the sake of posting or to be called a “professional blogger”. And so for them as readers, it is also very important to choose quality over quantity!

But probably, the most interesting topic of the day was when I talked about “passion”. I shared with the students how my passion has helped me start two brands, and how this same passion has helped me continue and stay on despite the many challenges and setbacks in my career as a blogger and as a new entrepreneur.

Now this made them take down notes and start asking questions!

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the senior class of the Assumption College for welcoming me into their classroom and giving me this chance to share my knowledge and experience about social media!

Thank you to their gracious teacher, Pia! 

Thank you to these lovely girls for being such a wonderful audience!

Here’s a short snippet of my talk :

Assumption College
San Lorenzo Drive
San Lorenzo Village, Makati City 1223
Trunkline: 632-817-0757

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