The New Kind of Cool: Sleek, Sexy and Powerful

First things first. I’ve always been an aircon kind of girl. I love the cold, and I turn my A/C in full blast mode all day long! Especially during these past few weeks when it’s been really hot here in Manila, I run towards any airconditioned room as soon as I can to take refuge from the blistering heat outside!

So when Carrier, the world’s largest airconditioning company invited a few bloggers to the launch of their newest aircons, I immediately said YES! I said yes because I was curious to know what could possibly be the “newest kind of aircon” in the market today, and secondly, I wanted to know how different and special the new ones would be compared to what I am already familiar with or what I have here at home.

The early bird mummy bloggers first gathered in one room and did a few arts and craft activities while waiting for the actual launch to start…

This event is for Carrier’s two newest airconditioning units from the SlimPac Series : the XPower 2 and the Klarwind Floor-Mounted Air Conditioners.

This is the XPOWER 2 Floor Mounted Airconditioner. Now what makes this unit different from the other floor mounted aircons we know?

1. It has a very powerful blower which offers strong air throw.

2. It has better air distribution using an efficient cooling system.

3. Because of its better air throw and air distribution qualities, this airconditioner unit cools the room quickly — in 6 minutes reaching up to 20 meters distance!

4. It has Unique Auto Shutter design that prevents dirt and dust from getting inside the vents.

5. It is very easy to maintain as it is built with an easier access to its indoor unit.

6. It has a very slim and sleek design, a perfect complement to any modern or contemporary space.

7. Last but not the least, it gives you lower electricity consumption by saving your energy!

Now, this is the second newest product : the Klarwind Floor Mounted Airconditioner. The main difference between the Klarwind and the XPower 2 is its  swivel head feature.

Now aside from that, what makes this Klarwind aircon unit extra special?

1. Just like the Carrier X Power 2, this Klarwind airconditioner is also very sleek and sexy – one that you will not hide or be ashamed to put out there to match the design aesthetics of your space or home.

2. It gives a very low electricity consumption due to its advanced technology and design.

3. It gives a wider cooling reach because of better air distribution. If the X Power 2 has good air distribution, the Klarwind is 100 times better due to its innovative swivel head which can turn up to 270 degrees!

4. Most importantly, this aircon unit is built with a 3-step filter system that is anti-bacterial so it does not just provide cool air, but it gives you clean air as well!

We all listened closely as we really wanted to learn more about the newest technology and innovation in the world of airconditioners…

I must tell you that our home has had its airconditioner units for the past 10 years now, and I know it’s about time we retire them. I used to think that I am saving on costs by not replacing them (since they are all still “working” anyway) but in reality, our old wall-mounted, non-inverter aircon units have become so problematic! These units are so inefficient already as they have been breaking down more often nowadays (especially because of the heat outside), costing us an arm and a leg with their constant repair and maintenance. Not to mention that our electricity bill is way above the roof now because the kids are always home and yes, they turn the A/C on all day long!

Learning all about the latest technology in cooling systems and seeing these nice and sleek, well-designed aircon units, I am more than ready and excited to make that change! I know for a fact that having a new airconditioning unit at home — whether it’s this X Power 2 or Klarwind — will not only make my life easier and more comfortable (cleaner and cooler air — I would surely love that!) but it will save us a lot of energy and cut down our electric bills too!

Now I think that’s really going to be super cool!!

The Spoiled Mummy