Luminous Skin from La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion

Last April 5th, I attended the launch of the latest product from luxury Swiss skincare brand La Prairie at the new Raffles Hotel in Makati. They have just introduced the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion into the market, and being a big skincare junkie that I am, I was more than excited to see and try for myself what this new product was all about.

And for most of you reading my blog for sometime now, you would know my history with this brand. Yes we go a long way back! I first discovered La Prairie when I was still in college, when my mom would give me her free samples to try. Ever since then, I would use the brand’s skincare products, with their eye cream always as my top favorite!

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So when I received this invitation from Rustan’s The Beauty Source group who is handling the brand, I said YES right away.

 Here with Joey Ermita, Associate Merchandise Manager and Twinkle Ochanine, Training Manager for La Prairie. 

As mentioned earlier, the launch was held at the Raffles Hotel, one of Makati’s newest 5-star hotels, and one that is known for their impeccable service and attention to detail. They served us some tea, champagne and a few delightful treats!

With Yvette Fernandez, Editor-in-Chief of Town and Country Magazine. 

This product launch was held also in partnership with premier jewelry brand Jewelmer, whose main focus is the development of our country’s exquisite South Sea pearls.

La Prairie and Jewelmer in one event? Now that’s just a perfect match!

As guests, we were able to try a few of Jewelmer’s fine pieces and I particularly loved their gold pearl necklace with matching gold pearl earrings. (And boy, am I still dreaming about those lovely pieces today!)

And then of course we also got to try La Prairie’s newest product, the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion. 

Now what makes this product really special? 3 things to know :

  1. It targets the 3 chromatic light-barriers to a luminous complexion (redness, dullness and age spots — we all have them)
  2. It brightens our skin’s natural complexion
  3. It helps lift sagging skin

We all know that as we age, we develop dullness of skin, redness and age spots caused by lifestyle and environmental factors. La Prairie therefore developed this unique and patented formula – the first of its kind – that works to fight not one but all three types of skin chromatic disorders.

Age spots caused by sun damage, redness or irritated skin caused by everyday stress, and dullness of complexion caused by our environment’s air pollution… all these problems have now one solution — in this one bottle.

I can’t wait to get my younger-looking and healthier skin back with La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion. I just look at these illuminating pearl beads inside this bottle… and I can already imagine how luminous (like a pearl!) my skin will be very soon!

La Prairie is available at all Rustan’s The Beauty Source outlets.

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