So we’ve reached the end of March… and this means it’s time for our monthly round up of favorite things!

What made it to this month’s TSM FAVE THINGS?  Take a look :


I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately and aside from experimenting with quick and easy recipes in the kitchen, I’ve been experimenting a lot on making videos out of it too! I think videos are more fun to make and watch — and it’s the perfect medium for most of us nowadays who have very limited time and short attentions spans! (You know who you are!)

So if you like to see more short videos from me (like this quick video I did about a very simple recipe for Salmon Dill Spread), just go to my Instagram and search the hashtag #TSMvideos or check the Videos category of this blog… and have fun!

And while you’re at it, drop me a line or two and suggest other types of videos you would like to see from me. I would surely love to hear from you!


Who says you have to put up with boring and generic (not to mention, ugly) tissue boxes lying around in your chic homes and office spaces? Grace Home believes that no matter how simple or ordinary a product is, good design must still and always be a top priority!

This ultra-chic white marble-designed tissue box is something you will not be ashamed to put out there when you have guests or when you are entertaining at home. It really looks like it’s part of your home decor — and not just some lowly ordinary tissue box lying around! So get them now while I still have stocks!

Email : gracehomemanila@gmail.com


March wouldn’t be as memorable if not for this big event that happened just a week ago! Grace Home finally had its summer trunk show in collaboration with high-end fashion boutique Shop LCP. Aside from the shopping party, I also gave a talk to new bloggers, mummies and career women who wanted to learn more about the world of blogging, the power of social media nowadays and the how to’s of successful personal branding. It was definitely an affair to remember!

And here’s the bonus part! I really loved what I wore that day: this beautiful white lace dress from no less than Shop LCP of course! This outfit now ranks high as one of my top favorites (and not to mention, luckiest) of all time!

*To read more about this happy day, read my blog post here. 



I’ve always been on the lookout for all-natural products for the home since as we know, most commercially available household cleaning items out there are filled with harmful chemicals and ingredients. So I was really glad I discovered these new products from Mothers Touch. They use only certified organic VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) and they ensure that all their products are paraben, phthalate and SLS free! Yes, no synthetic fragrances, no chemicals and no toxins!

I am currently using their PURE gentle powder detergent, all-natural dishwashing liquid and all purpose-cleaner plus their shampoo and wash for babies that I think were made for OC moms like you and me! Their products are very gentle and completely safe for kids, expecting moms and of course, all members of the family. So nowadays there’s really no more excuse in not being aware and not doing anything about the dangers of exposing our families to chemicals at home. We now have a healthier and safer alternative that’s affordable, non-toxic and very effective in cleaning our homes!



This super comfy (one size fits all) black turtleneck from Milk Tee Ph is the black top to beat all other black tops I have in my closet! It’s both sexy (hugs the body in the right places) and versatile (can be worn casually with shorts / jeans or formally, as a top to a nice ball skirt). This is something that will be part of my wardrobe for years to come!


How was your March? Share your favorites of the month here with me!

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