One-on-One With : Joanna Preysler-Francisco

Joanna Presyler-Francisco is an entrepreneur at heart. With six established brands under her belt (five in fashion and one in art), we can all say she is a true #MummyBoss, a real multi-tasking woman. Add the fact that she is a hands-on mother to three children, and a supportive wife to husband and business partner Raul, then we might as well call her one superwoman!

I got to spend a little more time with her during this quick and fun interview in one of her stores, the Joanna Preysler Boutique in Greenbelt 5. We chatted about her business, her family, plus a few of her favorite things! She also shared how she balances her life as a busy career woman and as a mummy (and she is a true spoiled mummy, I must say!)

But first, take a look at the luxurious Joanna Preysler Boutique, her store in Greenbelt 5 which specializes on exotic leather skin bags and accessories.

Press PLAY to listen to our interview below :

Thank you, Joanna for welcoming us into your store!

Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3
Hide & Stitch
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3

Joanna Preysler Boutique
2nd Floor, Greenbelt 5

Provenance Art Gallery
2nd floor, Shangri- La at The Fort


  1. Thank you for the wonderful share! The xotic leather skin bags and accessories are really beautiful. I really enjoyed the video a lot! Best 8 minutes I’ve ever spent on :). I would really like to visit her store one day.

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