What’s Inside My Bag?

You think you know a lot about The Spoiled Mummy? Get to know me some more by looking inside my bag!

Yes, what’s in my bag? There’s of course one or two lipsticks, a hand santizer, a compact, a couple of pens… and a whole lot of things I am sharing with you in this quick and fun random video!

What’s in your bag? I’d love to know too! Share them here with me!

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  1. Hi Ms Grace “theSpoiledmummy”,
    Been browsing for an hour and I’ve admire you more after that. You seemed to me to be a “high end kikay kind of lady with a heart”. I hope you continue to inspire more mommys and single ladies like me out there and I also do hope that more people would be able to enjoy your products and a taste of your style. Goodluck to more productive years ahead.
    Really enjoyed your travelling essentials features and love of sample products.❤(still remember your tip to bring in an extra reuseable large bag to put your travel handbag in case you were in a very populated travel district or just to avoid getting smudges on your high end bag) I hope to be able to order and try the Grace Home handsoaps and lotions soon since I’m a bit of the “oc” kind of woman and also a self confessed liquid hand soap hoarder like you haha. Of course the cheese pairings is also on my list.
    God bless @thespoiledmummy

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