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TSM’s A Day in My Life: Emphasis Salon

February 5, 2017

Since a lot of you have been asking me how my hair always looks so healthy, bouncy and perfectly wavy… Well, that’s really not because of me! I’ll be honest and tell you that I seriously don’t know how to fix my hair! But thank goodness, I live close to Emphasis Salon (and I’ve been going there for like 10years++ now) and there I get my Kerastase hair treatment (while getting my nails done), after which they blow dry my long, thick and unruly hair — and they do it all in one hour tops! Because nowadays, that’s really all the time I have in my hands! So ladies, mummies — no matter how busy we all are with work and kids, here’s one thing you should never forget : you deserve some pampering too! We work so hard, we seriously deserve to be spoiled too! Don’t you guys agree??? Have a beautiful day, everyone!  (Special thanks to Noemie Alvarado for being my constant go-to!)

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