The Most Revolutionary Washer and Dryer in the Market Today

Last February 2nd, Miele, the premium kitchen and home appliances brand from Germany (exclusively distributed by Focus Global Inc. in the country), recently unveiled its latest range of laundry appliances – the W1 washing machines and T1 tumble dryers. This launch was held to introduce the newest and most revolutionary washer and dryer in the market today.

It was also an honor for me to have been invited as Miele’s brand ambassador. After all, how can I say no to a global brand like Miele, which has always been held in high esteem as the world’s leading manufacturer of premium appliances for cooking, laundry care, and even medical instruments and laboratory equipment?! In fact, this German brand was established back in 1899 — and until today, maintains a very strong presence in about 100 countries worldwide!

The first part of the press launch involved a tour around the showroom. Here is Miele’s Export Sales Manager for Southeast Asia, Ms. Frauke Nitz, who flew all the way from Germany to grace this event, together with Gianna Arcalas, one of Miele’s sales consultants. They both shared with the guests the very interesting Miele heritage and history.

And here I was trying to figure out how the old washers and dryers back in the 1800’s actually worked!

And fast forward to today, the most innovative and groundbreaking washer and dryer duo is born!

This is the Miele W1T1 which boasts of a multitude of added features and advanced technology, unprecedented standards in cleaning performance, as well as the highest energy efficiency rating available in the market today.

Here’s a closer look to the machine of today : Five years of research and development and millions of Euros were invested in the making of this new generation of Miele laundry appliances. All parts of the washing machines and tumble dryers have been redesigned, tried and tested, over and over again to ensure that they are durable enough to last you for the next 20 years!

What makes this washer revolutionary? It is the only washer in the market today that has the TwinDos facility — the world’s first built-in dosing system of detergents for both colored and white garments. No other liquid detergent system washes whites as well as colored garments as thoroughly as this 2-phase system.

TwinDos operates in two stages: The first detergent (Miele UltraPhase 1) removes soiling caused by grease and protein before the second detergent (Miele UltraPhase 2), which has a higher cleaning power, sets to work on stubborn stains such as those caused by red wine and coffee.

Depending on the type of fabric and the amount of load size that you put in the washing machine, both detergents are automatically dispensed at precisely the right time and at the correct ratio. Thanks to this automatic dispensing system system, you can now avoid overdosing or underdosing, resulting in detergent savings of up to 30% while still maintaining outstanding cleaning results!

CapDosing is another exclusive Miele feature that caters to special and delicate fabrics. For instance, woolen items are protected against shrinkage and felting (“himulmol” in Filipino), breathable sportswear are cleaned and unpleasant odors are neutralized, and outdoor wear such as parka/jackets’ water repellant characteristics are retained while being cleaned.

This capsule dispensing system (that reminds me of coffee capsules!) facilitates the precise use of conveniently portioned fabric detergents, additives or fabric conditioner. The capsule is simply placed into the fabric conditioner compartment and the washing machine automatically dispenses the detergent at the perfect time during the washing cycle.

For special applications, Miele offers 10 different types of Miele capsules: 5 special detergents (Sport, Down, Outdoor, WoolCare, SilkCare), 3 fabric conditioners (Aqua, Nature, Cocoon), a reproofing agent (to effectively reproof water-resistant clothing and give it a water and dirt-repellant finish), and a Booster as an additive (which acts on stubborn stains such as grease or fruit stains).

After the press were shown the functions and benefits of the Miele W1 Washer, we were then led to the Miele T1 Dryer area.

The new generation of T1 tumble dryers harmonizes perfectly with the W1 washing machines as it ensure precise drying through Miele’s PerfectDry system. This is by no means the norm on tumble dryers. The calcium content in the water influences residual moisture sensing, and in turn, has an impact on drying results. This patented PerfectDry function takes the current calcium content of the water into account and adjusts the program accordingly. This ensures that the laundry is neither too dry nor too wet.

Another unique program of the new T1 tumble dryer is the SteamFinish feature which reduces the need for ironing and depending on the type of fabric, may even dispense the need for ironing altogether. Water from the condensate container is sprayed in the machine and heated up to create steam. This serves to remove wrinkles and to gently flatten the fabric. This is especially useful when you have clean but wrinkled clothing, say when you come back from travel and have some unused clothing which got wrinkled inside the suitcase. Just pop it into the dryer, choose the SteamFinish program and it’ll be ready in no time!

Here we were also asked to smell different kinds of fabric that were treated with different types of FragranceDos — the feature which lends a pleasantly fresh fragrance to your laundry that can last up to 4 weeks!

The fragrance flacon (shown in photo above) is simply fitted into the holder inside the tumble dryer. By turning the flacon, you can adjust the intensity of the fragrance. Pleasant fragrance is dispensed automatically by the T1 tumble dryer. These FragranceDos comes in four scents: Aqua, Cocoon, Rose and Nature.

With Miele T1 tumble dryers, say goodbye to hard, rough and deformed laundry. Your clothes will come out hygienically clean, soft, fluffy and smelling great!

After the tour of the showroom, it was time to sit down and be interviewed by the event’s host.

Here, I shared my firsthand experiences on being a long-time user of Miele appliances (I’ve had my Miele oven for the past 11 years now and is still working quite efficiently!) and how owning the remarkable and innovative Miele W1T1 washer and dryer has changed the way I now look at laundry care. With the new W1 generation of washing machines, laundry is washed cleaner, more conveniently and textile-specific than ever before!

With Mr. Steve Sy, President of Focus Global Inc,  Ms. Frauke Nitz, Miele’s Export Sales Manager for Miele Southeast Asia, and Mrs. Loli Sy, Executive Vice President of Focus Global Inc.

To get more information about this revolutionary product, read the next post by clicking here. 

Miele Showrooms :

Twenty-four Seven McKinley, 24th Street corner 7th Avenue, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Tel  (632)7059999

Ground Floor of The Residences at Greenbelt, Tel (632)7942095

Pioneer corner Reliance Streets, Mandaluyong City, Tel (632)6348587

The Design Center of Cebu, P. Remedios corner A.S. Fortuna Streets, Mandaue City, Cebu, Tel (6332)2387605.

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    1. Hi Jason, yes MIELE is very affordable in relation to the quality that you will get from your machines. They have a wide range of products and prices to choose from. I suggest you visit their showroom to see what best fits your needs!

      Cheers, Grace

  1. In addition to washing machines, I have seen a few Miele dishwashers.

    Wow! these products have great quality, just like they tought of everything and want them to like for 20 years.

    This is clearly different than most North American brands who build appliances that fall apart within 2-3 years.

    I will clearly visit a Miele showroom before my next purchase of appliances.

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