Miele W1T1 – What You Need To Know

Now that we know that the leading global brand Miele has just launched the W1T1 washer and dryer in the market today (see the launch event here), allow me to share with you now some detailed information on why this product has changed the way we look at laundry care.

Here are some interesting tidbits about it:

1, The name W1T1 simply means : W1 = “Washer”; T1 = “Tumble dryer”

2. The machine is energy efficient : it is rated A+++, which is the highest energy efficiency rating available

3. The machine has a patented honeycomb drum : there are small perforations inside the machine that allow a thin film of water to be created between the drum and the laundry. This results in the laundry gliding gently inside, which protects the garments’ fibers perfectly. This simply means it does not strain or damage our clothess even at the highest spin speeds!

What makes this machine different than the usual washers and dryers out in the market today? Here’s what you need to know :

  1. This is the only washer that has a TwinDos facility
  • This means your liquid detergent for both colored and white laundry is dispensed AUTOMATICALLY
  • With this feature, there is no more fear of OVERDOSING and UNDERDOSING and thus, saving you almost 30% of detergent costs, while still maintaining great cleaning results
  • The TwinDos operates in TWO STAGES: The first detergent (UltraPhase1 – color blue) removes soiling caused by grease and protein before the second detergent (UltraPhase2 – color white), which has a higher cleaning power, sets to work on stubborn stains such as those caused by red wine and coffee
  • Depending on the type of fabric and the amount of load size that you put in the washing machine, both detergents are automatically dispensed at precisely the RIGHT TIME and at the CORRECT RATIO

2. This is the only washer that uses CapDosing 

  • This special laundry detergent that comes in a capsule (CapDos) is the perfect solution for your special fabrics that need SPECIFIC LAUNDRY CARE
  • The capsule is placed into the fabric conditioner compartment and the washing machine AUTOMATICALLY dispenses the detergent at the perfect time during the washing cycle
  • Here are some CapDos detergent capsules you can choose from : SPORT – for breathable sportswear and to neutralize unpleasant odors; DOWN – for down items and to ensure feathers do not stick together and your clothes remain fluffy; OUTDOOR – for water-repellant fabrics and to retain its water resistant characteristics; WOOL CARE – for woolen garments and to protect against shrinkage and felting (“himulmol”); SILK CARE – for silk wear and to preserve the longevity, smoothness and shine of your delicate silk

3. This is the only tumble dryer that has the PerfectDry System

  • This patented PerfectDry function takes the current calcium content of the water into account and adjusts the program accordingly. This ensures that the laundry is NEITHER TOO DRY NOR TOO WET
  • The T1 tumble dryer makes use of the FragranceDos, a feature that allows you to choose the type of FRESH FRAGRANCE you wish, available in four scents: Aqua, Cocoon, Rose and Nature
  • The new T1 tumble dryer also has a special featured called the SteamFinish. This reduces the need for ironing required, and depending on the type of fabric, may even DISPENSE THE NEED FOR IRONING altogether

To better explain all these amazing features of the Miele W1T1 washer and dryer, watch this cool short video :

To go back and read the launch event where I was also introduced as the brand ambassador, click here. 

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