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So yes, I am back after a long but wonderful 2-week holiday with the whole family! And if you guys have been following me on Instagram, you probably know all the crazy adventures I have been doing this past few days! Well, holiday is over now and I am finally back home. Here’s hoping that you all had a meaningful Christmas season and a great start to the new year as well!

This being my very first blog post for the year, I would like to start it with a clean slate… and by that, I mean I want to start everything clean and fresh! So in line with this goal in mind, I am sharing with you my newest discovery, a practical and useful new product for the home that will help you achieve cleaner and fresher air all around!

One of Dyson’s new products is the Pure Cool Link. Just by the look and design of Dyson products, you already know that these are not your ordinary home appliances! In fact, I purchased my very first Dyson fan three years ago and I have been their biggest “fan” eversince then (pun intended)!

But what makes their newest Dyson Pure Cool Link extra special? Well it is two-in-one : It is an ultra-cool and sleek looking bladeless fan and second, it is also a very high-tech and intelligent air purifier!

I’ve had this Dyson Pure Cool Link for more than a month now, and I was able to try and test its effectivity all throughout the busy holidays. Well for one, my guests kept on complimenting how sleek and stylish my “electric fan” looked — how it’s not so bulky and how it can fit in any corner of the house. And second, since I had a lot of people come in and out of the house this December, the “air purifier” function of the fan helped a lot by circulating and cleaning the air around the home!


The other nice thing about Dyson Pure Cool Link is that it comes with a mini curved remote control. This means I can easily switch it on or off and adjust its settings from anywhere in the house! The remote is magnetic too. I can just place it on top of the unit for convenience and easy access. But more than that, I have no more fear now of getting our remote control lost or misplaced!

So where else do I use this fan?

During the day, I keep the Dyson Pure Cool Link in my home office since this is where I spend most of my time. This is where I write for The Spoiled Mummy blog and this is where I work on the sales and inventories for Grace Home Manila! So you see, having clean and fresh air around me is important too, as this will also help me think better and do my job well!

And come early evening, when I start preparing for the family’s dinner, I move the Dyson Pure Cool Link to my kitchen as it cools down the hot kitchen right away and keeps the food odors away!

And again, I will emphasize how this fan is the safest fan you can ever have at home — because this fan is bladeless! This is very important to me since I always have kids running around at home! (Gone are the days when I have to warn my kids to stay away from electric fans, for fear that they will get their tiny little fingers stuck there inside!)

Lastly, to keep up with the modern and fast-paced changing times, Dyson also came up with a Dyson Link App which acts as your mobile remote control! Now that I have this app on my phone, wherever I am in the world now, I can check how clean or dirty the air quality is at home and I can program the time when to turn it on or off, and when to activate the cleaning mode! Seriously, can this fan get any cooler? (again, pun intended)!

So yes I can go on and on and give you more reasons why I really love my Dyson Pure Cool Link! It is a fan and an air purifier in one; it is sleek and stylish but most importantly, it is effective! And guess what, it saves you a lot of money too, because it is able to cool down any room easily so you don’t need to keep the airconditioner on for a very long time!

Visit Dyson in : Greennbelt 5, Century Mall, Rustan’s Makati and SM Mall of Asia.

Or click their website here to find out more about their products!

Presently, Dyson has 3 product lines : fan, vacuum and hair dryer. I am now eyeing their vacuum and hair dryer next (which I badly need for my long, thick hair!!)

Till then!


  1. Dyson Pure Cool Link is really a good air purifier! I’m also using this air purifier at my home. It’s really of great quality. Thank you for informing some new tips on the air purifier with us. Learned something new! 🙂

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