My Holiday Look : A Quick Guide To Getting Natural Hair Waves

In our last post, I shared with you my step-by-step guide to easy make up application. Since I received a lot of positive feedback from you my readers, here is a follow up to that. Yes this is another beauty post, but this time I am sharing with you my quick guide to getting those natural, sexy hair waves — a style which I think works well with both medium-length to long hair.

So because we are still in the midst of the crazy holidays, ’tis still the season to party, go out and have some fun! So ladies, this is also the time to put in a little bit of effort to help us look good and feel good! 🙂 Nothing wrong with that, I tell you!

And because I am still not an expert at fixing my own hair, I asked the help of Tin Lopez, my current hairstylist (who does my hair when I need some serious styling) to help us with this one.

Step 1: Blow-Dry


Start with clean hair. Make sure to towel dry your hair until it’s damp. Then section your hair with clamps. Blow dry with a big roller brush to give hair enough volume.

DSCF3045Once the hair is dry, place some rollers — starting with the front part of your hair moving towards the back.

*Seen here in this photo doing my makeup is Verna Marin.
*Tin Lopez is the one holding my hair who refuses to be photographed!!

Step 2: Curl


Use a hot curling iron. Make sure to section your hair again while curling. Hold the curling iron vertically then place the hair inside the clamp and twist the rod outwards.


Repeat the process until all the sections have been curled.


Once everything has been curled, pin the hair upwards. This will help the curls last longer. Leave it there for at least 5 minutes, longer if possible.


Once ready, remove the pins and simply let your hair fall naturally! (No need to brush, style or add any hair product or whatsoever, so it will look very natural!)
DSCF3312And then smile…You’ve got natural hair waves now!
*This hair and makeup was done for a magazine feature that is coming out soon… so stay tuned! 🙂

Special thanks to :

Verna Marin for my makeup : 0917 652 2430

Tin Lopez for my hair : 0915 139 6357

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