New Zealand Adventures: Queenstown (Part 1 of 2)


So here we are in the next (and most exciting) part of our New Zealand adventures… the majestic city of Queenstown.


Queenstown is surrounded by fresh, clean air and stunning scenery everywhere. The city offers visitors a huge range of things to do from low key, relaxing activities to adventurous hobbies to extreme sports. No wonder it is known as New Zealand’s favourite tourist destination.


We stayed at the gorgeous Hilton Queenstown Resort and Spa which is conveniently located just 5 mins from the International Airport.


The hotel is surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and set on the shores of the crystal clear Lake Wakatipu.


The natural beauty and unique energy of Queenstown provided us the perfect backdrop for a holiday full of relaxation, exploration and adventure!

So what did we end up doing in the 4 short days that we were here — in this city that is known as the adventure capital of the world?!
***Too many in fact (so pardon me), I had to divide them in two posts! Here’s the first part :

1) The World’s Most Exciting Jet Boat Ride


New Zealand as we know is home to the most exciting and thrilling activities. So on our second day in Queenstown, I finally did the unthinkable. I agreed to ride the Shotover Jetor what is known as “The world’s most exciting jet boat ride”! So just imagine how I screamed from the top of my lungs as soon as the boat sped off, my hair stood on end and flew all over the place!


This is our group photo (we were a total of 14, the youngest being my little girl, aged 5 who obviously was braver than her mom). Our high speed jet boat jumped and flew through narrow rivers and steep canyons, one of which is the famous Shotover Canyon — where the name of this boat ride came from.

How did I convince my usually non-adventurous self to do this? I said if the Princess herself, Kate Middleton was able to do this (when they visited Queenstown a few years back), then this is definitely something I can also do! 😉 It was surely one of my most exhilirating rides ever — and one which I highly recommend  (it is very safe even for kids) to everyone visiting this city!

2) Tour of Queenstown and Middle-earth

Next on our itinerary was taking the 4 wheel drive adventure to journey into the heart of Middle-earth and into the heart of Queenstown! 


Nomad Safari was no ordinary scenic tour as this was an off-road adventure that went across, and up and down the mountains of Queenstown using their trusty 4 wheel drives. We had our own driver who served as our expert guide who told us what there is to know about this breathtaking city — topography and history wise.


With this tour, we were also able to see Queenstown’s goldmining heritage. This was when our big group stopped by a river to look for gold! (*Did we actually find some?? Your guess is as good as mine!)


But of course the highlight of this Nomad Safari tour was seeing the scenic locations where the blockbuster movie, Lord of the Rings was filmed.


It was simply amazing to be surrounded by such stunning scenery everywhere I looked…and all along I thought this natural beauty of the alpine ranges, majestic mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes could only exist in Lord of the Rings! After seeing all these with my very own eyes, I realized that Middle-earth really does exist — and in real life after all!


The first two days alone in Queenstown gave me more than my fill of adventure and no doubt, made me feel on top of the world! Can you imagine what other adventures happened on our last 2 days?

Queenstown Part 2 is up next!

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