Introducing: Skin By Grace Home


After several months of product research and development, I am proud to to introduce to you my newest product line, Skin by Grace Home!

Skin by Grace Home is a line of hand soaps and hand lotions that are well-formulated, mildly scented and safe to use for all skin types.

Why soap and lotion this time?

When it came to developing this new product line, I first looked around at home and realized that I have actually been collecting — or shall I say, hoarding — hand soaps and hand lotions since I saw dozens and dozens of them on our bathroom shelves! Yes, I buy lots of them, both here and abroad. I buy them whenever I see good packaging or smell a lovely scent from far away. But it is only when I use them back home do I get to know the quality of what I bought!

So when I was doing my research for this new product line, I said I will not just make one for the sake of making one, but I want to get into the nitty gritty of it too! I am quite particular about what I put on my skin. I am quite obsessed with the safety and effectivity of my skincare products. So I went through the whole thing — and learned a lot about formulation, ingredients, and other aspects of product development.

As with most of Grace Home’s products, I also wanted to infuse the right scent combination in them. So again, I had to study and learn the basics of scent formulation to know which combination works or not (just like I did this for the Grace Home Room Fragrances and Grace Home Candles). I learned that it’s not as simple as one would think, as there are really some scents that do work together say as a perfume, but not as a soap or lotion. Plus, I had to ensure that all ingredients included are safe for our skin to use.

And because I believe that everything should be packaged in the most beautiful and suitable way possible, I looked for the right packaging which had to be both functional and practical! Packaging is very important to me; I like how it completes the entire look and experience just by providing that visual element that represents what the product is all about.

So finally, after months of labor… studying, researching and developing, going back and forth… my newest baby, Skin by Grace Home is born!

Grace Home Hand Soap and Hand Lotion comes as a set of two, in big bottles of 500 ml each (of course, I wanted extra large packaging too!), and they are available in two variants that I personally formulated and love. Both contain Sage and Ginseng as its primary ingredients, two aromatic herbs that provide our skin with the best possible antioxidant benefits!

Sage, Ginseng, Green Tea Hand Soap and Hand Lotion


In this first variant, Green Tea is added to Sage and Ginseng to awaken, invigorate and energize our senses. Green Tea also works as a mild astringent and has been used for centuries to cleanse, tone and purify the skin.

Sage, Ginseng, Lavender Hand Soap and Hand Lotion


In this second variant, the aromatic herb of Lavender is added to Sage and Ginseng to heal, calm and relax our senses. Lavender has also been used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.

Of course, with both variants of our hand soaps and hand lotions, you can be assured that it contains the most natural moisturizers. They are safe and effective to use and will leave your skin soft and supple!


Besides taking these home for your own personal use or to complete your guest bathroom, I think these would also make the perfect gifts for your family and friends this holiday season — and of course, all year round too! Both men and women would surely appreciate the gift of a prettily packaged and wonderfully scented (with aromatic herbs for those antioxidant benefits) hand soap and hand lotion!

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