It’s the first day of August but before we completely dive in to this new month’s discoveries, allow me to share with you some of my favorite things from the month of July.

As you all know, I went to the States for a whole month, and travelled from coast to coast. So this month’s TSM’s Favorite Things is a “special travel edition”, as this lists my favorite eats from my trip to New York last month.

So what made it to TSM FAVE THINGS for July? Here’s my list :

1. Tulsi 

If you love Indian food, Tulsi is a hip and happening place in the Big Apple! It has been awarded a 1-Michelin star recently, and for an Indian restaurant in NYC, that’s a rare feat!

Here’s what we had :

Tulsi 1 NY

Lobster masala cooked in red chili coconut milk, lamb chops tandoori marinated in yogurt, cardamom, garlic and nutmeg, grilled succulent shrimps with spicy masala sauce and chicken curry with dry chili coconut milk. Everything was rich, nutty, spicy and oh-so flavorful!

For side dishes, we ordered the crispy cauliflower florets in garlic tomato sauce and grilled cottage cheese in roasted garlic cranberry chutney. 

And for dessert, we had the Indian homemade cookie chocolate ice cream with basil coulis. It was the perfect sweet ending to our rich, hearty and spicy Indian meal!

Tulsi 2 NY

211 East 46th Street; 212-888-0820

2. Cosme


Last month, I had a lot of friends from Manila who happened to be in New York City too. So we all agreed to try this much-talked about restaurant Cosme, by celebrity chef Enrique Olvera. The place serves Mexican- inspired cuisine, and every single dish we had was very good — but if you are going to ask what we really enjoyed the most, it would be this: the Uni tostada with avocado, bone marrow salsa and cucumber. Imagine the combination of fresh uni and raw tuna, plus the sweet avocado and rich bone marrow salsa. This dish was just crazy unbelievable!


When it was time for our dessert, it was a unanimous decision. We all knew we just had to have what everyone else has been raving about! So we ordered the Corn mousse with cream and mascarpone cheese, a dessert that was quite unique and special, as we all have never had corn mousse for dessert before. The different flavors and textures in this one dish left us all speechless! 

35 E 21st St. New York; 212-913-9659

3. Katz’s Delicatessen


I’ve written about Katz Deli on the blog before, as this is always a must-stop for me whenever I am in New York City. This beef pastrami sandwich is really this big and as delicious as this looks. And this place is an institution, as it has been here since the early 1900’s!


I must say, they surely know how to make a darn good sandwich! They have perfected this simple recipe : thick slices of beef pastrami placed right in between 2 slices of rye bread, topped with melted cheese, sauerkraut and drizzled with that ridiculously good “secret orange sauce”! (Seriously, what ingredient is in there?!) No wonder, as simple as this deli may look, this place is always packed — chaotic even at times! You will always find a throng of tourists and locals alike squeezing inside, trying to get their hands on what is known as the best Pastrami sandwich in the world!

Katz Delicatessen
205 East Houston Street, New York; (212) 254-2246

4. The Modern

This very elegant and romantic restaurant is located right by the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and features a mix of modern American and European cooking. The menu is seasonal, always changing and is complemented by an equally spectacular dessert list. It also boasts an award-winning wine menu, which will make all wine drinkers and connoisseurs very happy. The Modern holds two Michelin stars, a Three Star review in the New York Times, and four James Beard Awards.


But enough of the accolades, here’s what we had :

We started with two wonderful dishes : one that is made of poached egg topped with smoked salmon and dill, basically an off-the-menu appetizer, and compliments of the chef! It was then followed by salmon eggs placed on top of  small, thin crisp pastries. Both dishes went very well with our cold glass of champagne! (And if you know me, you would know that all I need is a cold glass of bubbly, and I’m good to go! ;)) It was surely a great way to start the night rolling!

The next dishes then arrived : Hamachi cured in juniper, charred onions and buttermilk. This for me, is the best raw hamachi I’ve ever had as it was very fresh and tasty — yes, even on its own.

Then I had a tart that was made of foie gras and wild strawberries. With this dish, there was a nice burst of freshness that came from the tiny, sweet strawberries. This in return, complemented the meaty and gamey flavor of the foie gras.

Next was a seafood dish made of Roasted lobster potage with pickled garlic and potatoes. The dish looked very simple…but really, the texture and the flavors were fantastic!

Lastly, I had Beef tenderloin crusted with Comte cheese and sautéed with baby leeks and chanterelle mushrooms. The beef was juicy and oh-so tender. And it was topped by a perfectly baked Comte cheese crust. How more delicious can beef tenderloin get? 😉

The Modern
9 West, 53rd Street, New York; (212) 333-1220

If you would like to see the rest of my New York adventures, check out my Instagram by clicking this link here : #TSMinNewYork

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