The Most Exciting Game I’ve Ever Watched : NBA Finals Game 7 LIVE!

This may be a delayed post, but my boys insisted that I still put this story up on the blog, for this is what made their last summer unforgettable. So I agreed, thinking that yes, maybe 10 years from now they would want to look back and revisit this very exciting part of their childhood! 🙂 After all, this blog is really a diary of sorts for me — an online diary for everything I hold dear and near to my heart…

So if you have been following me on the blog and on Instagram for quite some time now, you probably know that I spent a good chunk of the summer in the US. I travelled from coast to coast, and I have written about the New York part of the trip here , but somehow I have not gotten to the first and last parts of that big trip yet: the San Francisco leg of the journey! (Life has been pretty hectic in this side of the world for me, that’s why! 😉 )

So what really happened during the first part of our summer holiday? Here it goes…


We arrived in San Francisco City the night before the big game (June 19th). The big game, meaning the NBA FINALS GAME 7 — the championship game that everyone was talking about — months, weeks, days leading to this day! My boys were no exception. They are big basketball fans and they both play the sport in school. So as soon as they found out that they were going to watch an NBA game, and not just any other game, but the championship game itself, and “LIVE” at that — they were ecstatic and over the moon!

Now to be quite honest, I am not a big basketball aficionado. I don’t know much about the sport, and I am not familiar with the NBA teams and players! But I must say, the high energy and palpable excitement that surrounded me at home during that week, and then as soon as we arrived in San Francisco and when we made our way to the ORACLE Arena… that crazy vibe around me was just wild and contagious!

Here are some of our videos, taken by myself and the kiddos!

For those of you who are basketball fans and who watched this game on television, you probably know what I am talking about here. This NBA Finals Game 7 was the most awaited championship of the season. The biggest stars of the sport (the legendary LeBron James and Stephen Curry) were both a part of this very exciting match, and every point made by either one of them was really such a big deal!

But as we already know by now, the Cleveland Cavaliers won, defeating the Golden State Warriors by 93-89. The last minute was the clincher though — the game was put on a standstill as the two teams were tied! Those last few moments were really nail biting! And what made it even more nerve wracking was that it was held right in the Golden State Warriors’ home court, which made everyone expect that team to win.

But history has been made, and the Cavaliers won this very heated match. This in fact, is the first major sports championship that the Cleveland team won — since 1964. So yes, you can say that this game definitely ended that long drought for them!

So because my boys (or shall I say — and I — yes, including myself now) are big basketball fans, we surely felt the disappointment too inside the arena when the Warriors lost.

IMG_1958-600x401But after a few minutes of being devastated, we all felt like winners again when we realized that watching this championship game live was still one of the most fun and incredible experiences we’ve had together! Surely, this game is no ordinary game, and ranks high up there in our list of family experiences!

IMG_1751-600x401I hope that one day, true to my intention, this blog post will be useful enough for them when it’s time to revisit and relive this special day together… which if I were to believe them is, “one of the best days of their lives. Ever!”

Watch out for the continuation of my San Francisco travel posts…I will be writing them soon! In the meantime, see them in pictures on Instagram, by clicking here or by using the hashtags #TSMinSANFRANCISCO.

Till the next post!


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