The 5 Signature Suites of The Warwick

As mentioned in my previous blog post (here)The Warwick Hotel where I stayed in NYC, became my home away from home. I stayed in the Modern Art Suite and I truly fell in love with it, and had a hard time leaving the place! I do believe however that the other suites deserve the same attention and credit too, as I have seen for myself how they are all very well-designed and appointed for the hotel guests’ utmost comfort and relaxation.

Come and take a peek inside The Warwick New York’s 5 Signature Suites :

1 ) The Marion Suite

Inspired by the 1920’s and art deco design, the Marion Suite, with size 781 sq. ft, is bold and is named for Mrs. Marion Davies herself, who was William Hearst’s famous mistress. This suite captures the actress’s dramatic side with bold greens set in a black and white design. A little glamour with a flair for the dramatic was the muse behind the design.


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2) The Follies Suite

Designed to showcase a more feminine aesthetic, the Follies Suite, with size of 634 sq ft., pays homage to the girls of Broadway that lit up the stage in pearls and feathers. This suite was styled in Bordeaux purples, rich gold and soft pinks with furniture designed to reflect the glamour of the roaring 20s. On the walls, dramatic portraits of the Ziegfeld girls along with limited edition artworks, tells the story of a fanciful and opulent era that was brought to life in the Theater.

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3) The Randolph Suite

The Randolph Suite with size of 977 sq. ft, is designed to reflect a modernized golden era loft worthy of the media mogul and the hotel he had commissioned in 1926. Built around a palette of rich navy and gold, this suite was imagined as a luxurious study with masculine sophistication. Neo-Classical paintings and architectural images are paired with modern abstracts, building a collection to represent William Hearsts great love of art and design throughout the ages.


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4) The Jane Suite

Known to have been a guest of the hotel, the Jane Russell Suite with size of 793 sq ft., was designed to celebrate the Hollywood bombshell. Warm grays are offset with gold and blacks, creating an atmosphere of sophisticated elegance. The personality of this suite is visually told on the walls though a variety of film set images, abstract nudes and a limited edition painting embracing the pin-ups iconic wardrobe.


0140132606AU1A7310 copy

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5) The Modern Art Suite

The Modern Art Suite with size 792 sq.ft, is curated to highlight the dynamic works created by famous and unknown artists alike. The suites backdrop was to remain a blank canvas, emphasizing the beauty of traditional architecture and juxtaposed by modern and colorful works of art. The furniture is also as eclectic as the art, taking traditional tooled pieces and transforming them with modern aesthetic. Bold and unconventional, the design was set to be a sensory experience. The room includes a beautiful terrace that overlooks the heart of the city.


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*All photos on this blog post are from The Warwick Hotel. 

The Warwick Hotel
65 West 54th Street, New York 10019
(212) 247-2700

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