#MummyBosses: Tootsy, Allana and Carissa

“It takes someone strong to make someone strong.” Don’t you agree with me on this one, mummies? We all need that little bit of inspiration every now and then… a bit of a push here and there, to get us through challenging days ahead. And sometimes it takes a friend or someone we look up to, to remind us that if they can do it, so can we too!

Motherhood, as we all know is a tough balancing act. We juggle so many things with the little time we have. We are mothers, sisters and daughters. We are doctors, teachers and career women. We work hard and give our all, and do not expect anything in return. We excel in our chosen field and make our children proud. We are mummies, but yes, we are bosses too!

I first wrote about “#MummyBosses” in this article here since I’ve been inspired myself by working mothers around me. Mothers who are devoted to their families and yet at the same time, not limited by the normal constraints of motherhood. They are hands-on to their children, and still successful at what they do outside the home.

So I thought, why not gather these women and share them here on the blog, so we can all get that little dose of inspiration from one another…Because you know what they say, “Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women behind her back.”

And so our #MummyBoss series continues…


Advertising Executive, ABS-CBN

Tootsy Echauz-Angara has been with media giant ABS-CBN for the past 20 years now as an Advertising Executive handling the sales for Channel 2 entertainment, integrated cable and all the sports programs on all ABS-CBN platforms.

As part of her job in media and as wife to an elected official, Tootsy is always out and about, commonly seen in event coverages. Despite her outgoing persona, she has remained to be elegant – both in and out. She exudes a quiet but strong demeanor, always standing to support her three children and husband, Senator Sonny Angara. Not everyone is familiar with her story though, that behind all that sophistication and glamour, she has lived a big part of her childhood in the Cordillera mountains, when she joined her mother who fought hard against martial law.

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Alana Montelibano has a string of successful businesses around her belt. She co-manages a boutique hotel in Tagaytay, a couple of restaurants in Boracay and Makati, and a spa in Metro Manila. She also helps her family business in her province of Iloilo. She is a hard-working, single mom to two beautiful daughters.

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Founder and Chief Designer, Beatriz Accessories

Carissa Cruz-Evangelista created Beatriz Accessories in 2012, to fill the gap in the market for luxurious, hand-crafted and modern accessories. The brand is known for its colorful accessories with graphic prints, inspired by the colorful weaves of our Philippine fabric. Due to its success in the country, the brand was soon launched in specialty boutiques, museum stores and department stores in Bangkok, Singapore, Japan, the Bahamas, United States and Paris. She recently won the prestigious and international 2015 Katha Awards (Best Product Design Award for Fashion) for one of her designs.

Aside from being a mother to two adorable girls and wife to Juju Evangelista, she is also tirelessly helping her mom, Gina and brother, Toff de Venecia, in their hometown province of Pangasinan as they work side by side for the city’s development and progress.

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