How To Feel Refreshed and Rejuvenated After A Long Trip


Since I just came home from a month-long trip, as soon I set foot back in Manila, I headed straight to the Belo Clinic for some facial cleaning and body pampering. Actually, this has been my regular routine for many years now. Every time I come home after a long holiday, to the derma I go! This is because I know fully well that with all the fun and enjoyment that comes from travelling, I also get some unwelcome consequences. Changes in climate, temperature and time zones all wreak havoc on my skin and body. So no matter how much I enjoy travelling the world and seeing all these amazing places, I always keep in mind that as soon as I get home, I need to go to the Belo Clinic right away to refresh my tired skin and debloat my body!

Aside from my regular facial cleaning, I have recently tried 3 new treatments which Dr. Vicky Belo herself suggested to me :

1 ) Wet and dry dermabrasion

The Wet and Dry Dermabrasion treatment works well to even out our skin color through the use of exfoliation and infused serums.

b2I had to wear a shower cap to prevent my hair from getting wet from the serums and from getting white from the cream to be applied in the end!

DSCF5694As soon as I settled down on my bed, the therapist applied the liquid serum all over my body, and then used this metal machine that scrubbed and suctioned off the dead skin cells all over! (And yes, I must say that felt really good!)

DSCF5701She didn’t leave any inch of my body unturned! She also scrubbed and suctioned off the dead skin cells from my hands, down to the ends of my fingers, so that each and every part of my body will be supple again, and look and feel brand new!

DSCF5709The super cool bottles of serum that were used for my body — looked like some magic potions, don’t you think? 😉

DSCF5723At the end of the treatment, this cream was spread all over my body. This is really not meant to make my skin whiter (since I don’t really want that), but it was applied to simply even out my skin tone. (We all have our dark spots anyway!) In fact, there was even a small tub of excess left, so I brought that home and applied it to my body the next day. It was amazing how my skin looked and felt like a baby again, even after just one session of Wet and Dry Dermabrasion! 

2) Exilis

The Exilis treatment is a new and easy way of contouring the body and tightening the skin. The ultra-high tech machine makes use of focused Radio Frequency Technology to treat sagging, loose skin, which is usually commonly seen on the neck and décolletage area. Aside from that, I was informed too that Exilis is also used to tighten other fat areas on our bodies such as the: abdomen, back, arms, legs and yes, even knees! 

DSCF1068So what did I want to target right away? My flabby arms, what else!!

DSCF1089Exilis uses safe thermal waves to heat our skin and target our fat cells. Because I wanted the machine to focus on my arms, my therapist placed the machine all over it – front, back, side to side, and yes even all the way to the armpits! 😉

How does Exilis really work? This machine delivers dual energy that speeds up the metabolic activity of our stubborn fat cells and causes them to shrink. At the same time, as soon as it breaks down the fat, it stimulates and strengthens the collagen of our skin, thus improving our skin’s firmness and texture immediately! (Now, who does not want that?!)

3) Instalift 

On another day, I went back and tried Instalift. This is a treatment that uses the combined rejuvenating effects of high-focused ultrasound and cryogenic technology… Sounds very high-tech, right? It is, and this machine is meant to effectively tighten, lift and even contour the skin with its fat lying capabilities.  
DSCF1149This machine uses high-focused ultrasound that mechanically heats the dermis of our skin and stimulates collagen reproduction.


The procedure involves the use of a 635nm diode laser and a cryogenic activator to address the superficial skin, soothing and cooling it, and then eventually, restoring the skin’s natural pH and moisture.

DSCF1193I love how the staff of Belo Clinic are well-trained, and very cautious. They always ensure that the patients are well-protected and given utmost care. (Just like this super cool looking eye mask I had to wear, to protect my eyes from unnecessary radiation!)

DSCF1214The Instalift procedure takes about 1 hour and 30 mins to complete. It  has a very minimal heat to no sensation at all, and patients experience very minor reddening that lasts for only a few minutes. Zero downtime, I say. (You can go back to work or party right after, without anyone knowing what you just did!)


The Belo Clinic surely knows who to treat, pamper and spoil each and every person who walks in. I’ve been coming here and feeling like a real spoiled mummy” for more than 10 years now and I must say, there is still no better feeling than getting my face and whole body scrubbed clean and “lifted” after a very long, tiring trip. Surely, after trying these 3 treatments, I felt instantly refreshed and rejuvenated, and I was ready to face the world again!

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