So here we are at the end of June, and things have been pretty busy and hectic from my end, as I’m sure it is with all of you. The craziness of the mid-year has come upon us, and before we know it, we will soon talk about the Christmas season and its even busier and wilder flurry of activities!

As you all know, I am also currently on holiday now with the family, thus the sporadic posts on the blog.  I promised myself and the kiddos to completely go offline during this summer break — but of course you know me, I couldn’t really go “completely offline”, right?! So here I am writing on the blog while the kids are still asleep, as I know I couldn’t let this month end without giving you my TSM Fave Things for June!

So what made it to my list this month? Take a look :

Glamour and Form’s Waist Cincher


This waist cincher from Glamour and Form is my best slimming discovery so far! Not only does it reduce your waist size by several inches when worn regularly, but it also gives you that instant lift and sexy silhoutte when worn inside your clothes. 

Aside from all those vanity reasons, here’s the best part I discovered: it helps support my back which in turn gives me a better posture. In fact, this is training me to sit up straight and stand tall even while walking! Of course to reap all these benefits, it is advisable to wear this for a good several hours during the day. Bonus part? You may even use it while working out too!

Contact Glamour and Form through their Facebook Page or Instagram account.

Basilur Tea


I’ve always loved tea. I drink this almost every night right after dinner or before going to bed. We all know that tea has a lot of benefits : it is full of antioxidants, aids in digestion and if you drink the decaffeinated ones (like peppermint and chamomile), it is a good relaxant and sleep inducer.

Whenever I travel, I also make it a point to buy the loose tea leaves from the country I visit. And the ones I’ve always enjoyed more are those from Sri Lanka, or what we normally know as Ceylon Tea.

In the Philippines, we now have Basilur Tea which is one of the most well-known brands for high grade Ceylon Tea. Aside from its premium quality, the packaging is just too pretty to resist! I have several of these charming tin cans displayed in my kitchen. My daughter even loves the one that when you open has a musical carousel inside!

Contact Basilur Tea through their Facebook Page or Instagram account. 

Homemade Toblerone Chocolate Mousse


My friend and neighbor, Stephanie Zubiri sent me two jars of her homemade Toblerone chocolate mousse. I don’t really know if I should thank her for her generosity or feel bad that she is actaully sabotaging my diet! All I can say is…as a chocoholic, this one really hits the spot!

Here’s hoping that she will soon make this available for everyone to order!

Visit her blog to see what else she is up to : www.stephaniezubiri.com

Grace Home Throw Pillows


Last June 8, Grace Home formally launched its latest products, the limited collection French Chic Throw Pillows through an event called Pillow Talk. (I wrote about that event here  and here.)

Each pillow is uniquely designed and is inspired by my many travels. They are made of 100% pure microfiber cotton and has removable and washable covers. More than that, I am proud to say that I only use hypoallegenic cotton for these pillows — which is what we all want in our homes, especially for us with kids who are prone to dust mite allergies.

Visit www.gracehomemanila to place your order now!

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