Pillow Talk : Blogging Nowadays and the Power of Social Media

As promised, here is the continuation of Pillow Talk, our last event for Grace Home.
(*Click the link here if you want to backtrack a bit and read about the first part of the event!)

As I mentioned in our previous post, this event was held in the spacious and well-appointed living room of the Kirov Model Unit in Proscenium, Rockwell Center. I was joined by 4 lovely ladies as my special guests in this “talk show”, all of them bloggers too : Michelle Aventajado (mommanmanila.com), Janeena Chan (janeenachan.com), Martine de Luna (makeitblissful.com) and Cat Arambulo-Antonio (catarambulo.com). We had a good discussion about what it is to be a blogger nowadays and the increasing influence of social media in our day to day lives.

My idea for this event came about when I was still planning how to launch my new products for Grace Home. Since my new products are pillows, I knew right then and there that I wanted to use the words “Pillow Talk”. Thus the whole concept of having a “small, intimate talk” amongst friends who share the same passions and interests was born. I’ve always liked smaller events more than the bigger ones anyway, so I said “Pillow Talk” would perfectly fit the idea of having this kind of casual and yet intimate gathering amongst friends.

Watch the video and see that how this event was as informal and interactive as can be! Of course, there were a lot of laughs in between, as if we were really just chatting and hanging out in a friend’s cozy home!

So yes, this is the more exciting part of the event… listen to these girls have some “real talk”!

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