Father’s Day Gift Shopping

Father’s Day is upon us and once again it comes with it the extreme difficulty of choosing the right gift to give the special man we are celebrating! If your husband (or father) is like mine, he prefers practicality over fancy things and will give the most frustrating answer whenever I’d ask him about what I should give him. He always says, “Nothing.” Well, that’s not really helpful, is it???

I translate that answer to finding something that is useful, timeless, and classic.  I want something that fits in his everyday lifestyle, but I want something that is special as well. If you know me… you would know that I will want to make an event out of this too, LOL! 🙂

Thankfully, I have my own tricks for occasions such as these and that includes heading to my trusted retail haunts — and in this case, it is my long-time favorite, Rustan’s.  (Well, we all grew up with Rustan’s as our go-to department store, right?!) I like coming here because I already know what to expect. Of course, there’s good service, consistency, and the most premium quality in their merchandise. I went knowing that there would be a lot of options and brands for men that would match my expectations and the standards that I’ve set for the gift shopping.

So after much looking, I then settled on the classic French brand, Façonnable, which I knew would give me high-quality and stylish menswear.

But what should I get?  A pair of new shoes? A leather belt? The classic tie? (But he has a lot of those already!!)

But since Father’s Day is such a special occasion in our family, I wanted something a little bit more special than the usual. I finally decided on something that I knew my husband would find useful — so yes, this is my healthy compromise with his idea of “nothing”!

I chose a navy blue suit that matches his style and taste. And of course, I know this is something that he will use at work!

I like the quality and sophistication of this particular Façonnable suit. A thorough inspection revealed how well-made the fabric is. I do think this sleek set will do the trick for the hubby!
DSCF2078I know a suit, especially one with as good a quality as this, is a bit on the pricier side. But I also know that this is my chance to show how much I appreciate him as a loving and committed father to our three little kiddos — which is certainly nothing to belittle!

In fact, I was just chatting with my kids and they are also planning to surprise their dad on Sunday. And I reminded them that no matter how small or big their gift is, what matters most is that their gift comes from the heart. (Cliché as it sounds, but isn’t this true?) It doesn’t have to be a big or expensive gift to be considered “special”. As long as it is given with love, that is what would make it truly memorable.

So mummies, I think now is our chance! Let’s turn the tables around and show our dear fathers and husbands that yes, we can make them #spoileddaddies too!

To all the fathers out there, I am wishing you all a happy and meaningful Father’s Day. Thank you for being our source of strength and inspiration. Thank you for spoiling us to no end. But because this is your special day… allow us to show you how it is done (and how it should be done) when the #spoiledmummies take charge!

Façonnable is available at the Rustan’s Men Department
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