7 Top Styling Tips for Events and Weddings by Jo Claravall

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When it comes to executing events and dream weddings, there are very little who compare to the creativity and vision of event stylist, Jo Claravall. Besides her laser-focus on getting every detail right, it is her sheer love to make each of her clients feel special and attended to that elevates the events she puts together.

I’ve known Jo for many years now as she has helped me a lot in styling my parties and celebrations, as well as some of my events under my other company, TSM Luxe Events.

TSM Jo Claravall 1Jo makes it a point to tailor all events she styles, be it dinners, weddings or corporate engagements, acknowledging that “everyone is different and everyone I encounter is unique.” It’s a challenge she gladly tackles, enjoying the process while giving it serious attention. For her, event styling requires a kind of precision akin of a surgeon at work in his operating room –with the results looking so effortlessly elegant in the end.

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So where does one begin when planning an event? We asked Jo to share some of her ideas and guidelines, tips that are quite useful for those who are planning a special event, especially their own dream wedding!

1. Begin with an inspiration board that portrays what your ideal wedding would look like.

Jo suggests that the first step for any bride is to decide on the styling direction of her wedding. One easy and practical step is to scour the visual-heavy image services of Pinterest or Instagram, or similar avenues, and save the inspirational images that depict the look and feel of the wedding she is dreaming of, particularly photos of flower arrangements and reception setups. The best time to embark on this step would be at least 6 months before the wedding day.

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2. Work with a wedding stylist who can communicate your taste.

Once the bride has a good idea of what kind of wedding she desires, it’s time to find the right stylist to make the concept come to life. Jo points out, “The role of an event stylist at your wedding is to make everything beautiful, to amplify the style factor.”

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It is important for the bride to look at the previous work of the stylist, to assess if the quality of work is aligned with her own taste. She also needs to check if she and the stylist have chemistry, if she will be able to depend on him or her to communicate the style of wedding. Good rapport between bride and stylist is key, stresses Jo.

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3. Choose your wedding’s theme, one that makes you happy.

Jo is insistent that there is no right or wrong way to choose a theme for a wedding. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. “Select a theme that you love,” advises Jo. “Do whatever you like. Your personal taste will be your guide.”

The role of the event stylist, then, is to execute the theme in the most tasteful way possible.

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4. When planning a destination wedding, be aware of the extra logistics (and budget) involved.

The lure of a destination wedding exists in finding the right location to help set the tone for a wedding. That said, destination weddings can be amazing!

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Many dream weddings require some beautiful locations. Just be realistic, Jo warns. “Know that it will be more difficult to pull off logistically and it will always cost you more.”

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5. Choose the classic route when planning your wedding gown.

Concepts and themes are fun, but it is best to ground your executions on the classic and timeless side of things. Keep things subtle, Jo suggests, especially when planning to match the dress to the theme. Details like beadwork or an embroidered pattern and incorporating the theme subtly in the hair and makeup are better options of making an entire concept come together. “Don’t go over the top [matching the dress to the theme],” Jo admonishes.

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6. Choose your wedding suppliers wisely.

For Jo, the best suppliers are those who listen and “work with passion.” Suppliers need to be dependable in terms of timeliness and quality of work.

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7. Enjoy your wedding day and relax!

At Jo’s events, she always makes sure that her brides know that they are in good hands. A bride, she believes, need to concern herself with her personal preparations (“to be beautiful!”) and trust that her suppliers and stylist have everything under control.

She also gives one last but shall I say, very practical tip to all brides: “Hold the bridal bouquet at hip level and not in front the chest!” It’s a trade secret to hold the bouquet below the waist so you are able to reveal all the beautiful details and embellishments on the bodice of your dress. And this way, with your elbows directly across from the thinnest part of your waist, you will have a diamond shape between each arm and body — achieving the most flattering silhouette.

To inquire about Jo Claravall’s services, email jocaravall@gmail.com


  1. All of these photos are so beautiful and so unique! I really love all of the different settings and focus points. Absolutely stunning work! Thanks so much for sharing these!

  2. Hi Grace, As I think everyone wants to celebrate an events or wedding ceremony in panoply style. And it requires lot of decorative ideas which is not available easily or needs lot of money to do like that. Glad to hear about Jo. She is really a wonderful women to make our event unique and splendor.

    I read here guideline here, and are highly important in any event to make impression in the heart of people. For ideal wedding, it’s a great idea to begin it with an impressive inspiration board. I highly recommend this too. Also wedding should be great that will make guest happy and full of enjoyment.

    Really, I got amazed looking these awesome photos for good wedding celebration. It’s really so beautiful. I love #6 tip that is really very necessary to know everyone before planning for an event. By chance, If choose a wedding suppliers foolishly, then it may arise a big problem to arrangement of an events. I like this.

    Thanks for awesome tip.
    – Ravi.

    1. Thank you! Jo Claravall is indeed amazing when it comes to events and wedding styling! Glad to know you agree with me! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing awesome tips and I love the photos. There are all beautiful. Thank you for sharing and recommending about Jo, from photos you can really see how creative and she gets the magical moment for every couple’s dream. And you really have informative articles, I enjoyed reading some of your articles. Keep it up! <3

    1. Thank you too, Esther! Glad you were able to get some useful info and tips from the article! And yes, Jo Claravall is simply amazing at what she does! xxx Grace

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