Who are the #MummyBosses around us?

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Not a lot of people know that aside from my blog and the Grace Home Manila business of home accessories, I run an events company too called TSM Luxe Events, where I conceptualize, organize, style and host events!

There’s something special about a #MummyBoss, a term I’ve been using here on the blog and on my Instagram posts recently. But what is really a #Mummy Boss, you ask me?  Well, let me introduce them to you.

#MummyBosses are women of our modern times and generation who are hardworking, tireless, committed and passionate at what they do. They seem to have it all, being able to balance time and success in both family life and work. These are women who give a voice to our society and a meaningful contribution to the world we live in, no matter how small it may be.  And we all know that this kind of life does not come easy.  They work hard (really hard!) to create the lives they want to live – without being influenced by what others think, feel, or say about or against it.

And then they are often asked, how do they balance it all… how do they do it all?  Well, here’s my answer. They really just do it all. They simply make things happen. And this is what makes them admirable and yes, honorable.

#MummyBosses are the real superwomen of this generation. And it’s an “all” that she defines, not what is thrown at her. Her success is measured by her careful ability to do what she loves, without forgetting those whom she loves. She defines her own meaning of it. She knows that success comes in many different shapes and sizes; it can be a goal accomplished, a promotion at work, a dream achieved, or a tear wiped away from a child’s face. These women are all around us. She can be your mom, your sister, your best friend, your colleague, or your teacher. She can be you. She can be me. I think it is all of us mums, actually.

#MummyBosses may not always be right, may not always be perfect, but we do our best and that’s the most important thing. We learn from our mistakes and then we grow, we move on. It’s all about real life struggles — tackling them, and surmounting them… yes, we simply do whatever it takes to face them.

Knowing all these, don’t you now all agree with me that#MummyBosses are the most amazing multi-taskers in the planet? We wear many hats, and yet the hat that we love wearing the most is still that of our mummy hat!

The Spoiled Mummy’s dream is to be able to honor these extraordinary#MummyBosses around us. I want to be able to shine a light on these super mummies who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, running their own companies or businesses while managing and taking care of their own households and families. These are the women who know how to be the best they can be despite the many challenges they face. These are women who know how to celebrate life by living it to the fullest!

Stay tuned for our series on some of these incredible #MummyBosses!


    1. Thank you! Life is challenging as it is… so living it with passion and purpose — is also what inspires me! xxx

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