The Gift Of Motherhood And Why I Am A Spoiled Mummy

How fast time flies! I’ve been hearing this quite a lot these past few weeks…yes, especially now that we realize half of the year is almost gone! Seriously, where did time go? I guess this fact of life is especially felt true by mummies like us who have young children, who are still at their “growing” stages. One day they were your perfectly sweet smelling babies, then the next thing you know, they are growing taller than you and acting like a “cool” teenager!

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Last weekend was Mother’s Day. My children showered and spoiled me with flowers, gifts, and cards. Nothing big, nothing extravagant really, but I simply felt surrounded by their big love. I felt truly blessed.

Cliché as that sounds, to be surrounded by these three silly but oh-so adorable children (well, most of the time) is really such a wonderful blessing! They are in fact the reason why I call myself the spoiled mummy — because in spite of my failures, weaknesses and flaws, they still spoil and love me, no matter what…with no strings attached, unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

Motherhood is not easy, we all know that. This is a 24/7 job that does not pay and does not give any day offs!  It requires us to be 100% present. It requires from us relentless patience, kindness, grace and strength, amid the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It asks from us our whole selves — and yes, knowing that can really be such a daunting thought in our heads!


But then–we pause–and look around and see the toothy smiles and the honest eyes of our children. No matter how silly they can get, their presence is more than enough for us to surpass our own worries and struggles. Before we became mothers, we didn’t know we could be as caring, as patient, or as strong as we are today. But we are! Motherhood’s gift is that it can transform women into something far greater and more powerful than they could have ever imagined. It reveals to us an inner strength and beauty that we never knew we had.

As I look at my life right now and my three growing children around me, I realize all the more how blessed, no, more like — how spoiled I am by our Heavenly Father up there. This beautiful gift of motherhood is something I am and will always be grateful for every day of my life. This special favor is something I humbly and lovingly accept and wish to never take for granted. I have been given this vocation in life and I know that I am truly responsible for what has been given to me. Now more than ever, I am fully aware that I have three lives to guide, protect, love and nourish. So thank you, God. But also, please help me God.

Hope all you mummies had a wonderful and meaningful Mother’s Day as well!

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The Spoiled Mummy