Say Goodbye to Split Ends and Say Hello to Beautiful Endings

Ladies, do you know what it’s like to manage thick and unruly hair like mine that won’t easily bend to your will? Let me tell you the story of my long and damaged hair. Yes, believe me when I say that the struggle is real and that it exists every single day! It is both time consuming and costly to make this mane of mine look smooth and healthy (and picture perfect like this one)… but lately, I must share with you that it has gotten easier after I switched to an intense line of hair care that repairs damaged hair immediately!

TSM Dove Shampoo hair1

I used to have dry hair full of split-ends, since I blow dry my hair almost every day. I also have it colored every two to three months. And as you know, these are not very kind practices to our hair, especially when you already have damaged hair to begin with, like I do.

So I needed an ally that I could trust and one that could repair my hair immediately! And that came in the form of Dove’s Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

TSM Dove Damage Therapy

It’s practically an easy choice for me because it’s a name I can trust. It’s Dove! To tell you honestly, I’ve been a Dove Girl ever since I started using their bar soap (as recommended by my pedia dermatologist) when I was 8 years old. And of course, my three kids now use Dove soap too!

TSM Dove Shampoo hair

Since I switched to Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair has become softer, more manageable, and noticeably has less split ends. So now I can really bid goodbye to my split ends as I say hello to my beautiful endings!

TSM Dove Products

Another great thing about Dove’s Intense Repair line is that you just can’t beat the price with this one. It’s very affordable (at only P127 pesos for 180ml)! With all this hair of mine and the need to care for it daily, you can just imagine how much shampoo and conditioner I consume every day. So having a reasonably priced product is a major plus for me!

TSM Dove Shampoo Ad Monitor

Being a big user and a fan for many years now, I can say that Dove is very close to my heart. So when they asked me to be one of their ambassadors, I immediately said yes for this is one brand I truly believe in. And as part of their campaign, we had a full day of shoot which I thoroughly enjoyed as I got to meet a lot of creative people (like Sara Black, our photographer) and the rest of the beautiful Dove girls!



So are you ready to take the #DoveSplitEndTest too and have your own #DoveBeautifulEndings??


    1. Thank you, Rachel! I blow dry almost every other day and I get a haircut too every 8 weeks. All these plus my daily hair care using only Dove Intense Repair! Hope these help! xxx Grace

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