My Top 6 Favorite Cakes by Home Bakers

Every end of the month, I compile a list of things that make that month particularly special. More often than not, a dessert makes it to my monthly list of favorite things. And when it comes to desserts, I cannot resist a delicious cake, especially when made by a home baker who puts so much heart and artistry into it.

I’ve tasted quite a lot and a few do stand out and remain truly memorable. Here is my Top 6 favorite cakes made by home bakers that you should definitely try!

Grace’s Secret Garden by Miko Aspiras

Grace's Secret Garden by Miko Aspiras (Scout's Honor)

This enchanting Grace’s Secret Garden cake is luxuriously rich and decadent. This creation by Chef Miko Aspiras of Scout’s Honorwhich he lovingly named after me — thank you very much!! (#kilig) — is made up of all my favorite things: Valrhona Manjari dark chocolate, topped with Fleur de Sel, dark chocolate glaze, golden chocolate shards, and edible florals. The entire thing is surrounded by a delicious graham crumb crust. The sprinkling of Fleur de Sel on top adds the much needed saltiness to create that perfect balance to this sweet, sumptuous cake. This chocolate was exceptionally good, I called it my best dessert of 2015!

Scout’s Honor
4th Floor, Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall
Tel: +632 887 2598 / Mobile: +63 927 3872703
FB: ScoutsHonorCraftCookies / IG: @scoutshonorph

Pumpkin Banana Cake by The Flour Girl


The Flour Girl has surprised me with her creations on so many occasions. But this Pumpkin Banana Cake that she first introduced to me, back in October 2015, is still one of her best. It is a very “surprising” dessert that combines pumpkin and banana in one cake — which is really an odd but delicious (and healthy) combination apparently!

The pumpkin-banana cake base is moist and full of flavor. The combination of praline butter and dulce de leche fills the middle layers and tops the whole cake like an icing!

The Flour Girl (Nicole Uy)
Mobile: +63 917 5436350
FB: theflourgirlbakery / IG: theflourgirl

Calamansi Cake by Casa San Luis Pastries


This gorgeous Calamansi Cake comes frosted with marshmallows! The result: light, fluffy, delightful and neither too sour nor too sweet. This simple and yet delectable cake is made by Carmela Villegas-Agosta of Casa San Luis Pastries. This cake was also named on the blog as one of  TSM’s favorite things!

Casa San Luis Pastries
Mobile: +63 916 644 8522 / Email:
FB: casasanluis 
Products are made upon order, so give 48 hours lead time

Creme Brulee Cake by The Pastry Cart


Christmas season saw a lot of dinners and parties at home, and one of the things I was happy to serve and recommend was this bestselling cake by The Pastry Cart.

This Creme Brulee Cake has two layers of sweet chiffon cake, a layer of light cream in between, and finished off with that nicely burnt, caramelized custard. Each bite is silky soft, luxuriously smooth and addictingly good!

The Pastry Cart (Camille Ocampo) 
Location: Valle Verde Pasig (order at least one day ahead.)
Mobile: +63 9167457729
Twitter: @pastrycart / Instagram: @thepastrycart

Rainbow Pastel Cake by The Sweet Life by Ange


This must be one of the prettiest cakes around. This Rainbow Pastel Cake by The Sweet Life by Ange was a special request by my little girl for her princess ballerina birthday party, which she randomly discovered during one of my events last year: Grace Home’s A Toast to the Holidays. That event featured my pick of desserts and treats for the holiday season. This cake is a crowd pleaser with its charming rainbow colors and all those layers of vanilla cake alternating with the lip-smacking good buttercream frosting!

The Sweet Life by Ange
Email: order@thesweetlifebyange
FB: TheSweetLifebyAnge / IG: @thesweetlifebyange

Triple Fromage Cheesecake by Garnish by TYK2015-03-21 15.00.37

Now if you like cheesecakes, especially the Japanese kind, then this is the one you to get your hands on. The Triple Fromage Japanese Cheesecake made by Tiny Yellow Kitchen uses three kinds of cheeses, mixed with very light and fine textured cream. It is covered on top with even more cheese — a generous dusting of fresh Parmesan shreds and I am guessing, a bit of our very own Quezo de Bola as well!

Every forkful gives you a good balance of sweet and salty goodness. The texture is amazing too: silken and smooth, the kind that melts easily in your mouth. It is creamy but not heavy. On top of this very light and fluffy cake are fresh, sweet strawberries that serve as its crowning glory!

Garnish by TYK
Tel:  +632 781 3070
 / Email:


  1. Came across this article looking for fondant cakes for my friend but I found a list that I could use for myself! 😀 Hehe. Such amazing cakes! Thank you so much for sharing! Are any of these bakers located in the south? (Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas etc)

    1. Hi Larisse, thanks for dropping by! I suggest you call the bakers themselves to find out if they have new locations or delivery service 🙂 Enjoy your cakes! xxx

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