#MummyBosses: Marilen, Tina, and Joanna

Whether you’re running your own business, leading a team in the corporate world, or molding minds in your organization, The Spoiled Mummy salutes you!

A few posts back I asked, Who are the #MummyBosses around us? We all know that it’s not easy being a mum-who-works and we all need that pat on the back from our fellow mums to share our triumphs and victories together.

And so this is the beginning of our celebration of mothers-who-work, particularly of mothers who are powerful and influential in their own right, mothers who are achievers and successful in their places of work, and mothers, who despite their stature as “bosses,” have not forgotten that the family still comes first and foremost!

#MummyBosses is a new and will be an ongoing series on The Spoiled Mummy featuring trailblazing working mums who lead, inspire, and achieve in their fields, all while taking good care of their families.

We start with these three #MummyBosses we think you should know:

Blogger, Marilen Styles/ Interior Stylist /President, Mfm inc. 

Interior stylist Marilen Faustino Montenegro is a mom of two and president of her own company designing for both residential and commercial projects. Through her blog, Marilen Styles, she shares her principles on home styling, the value she places on effective organization, and the impact of motherhood on her daily decisions. Besides working with clients through her firm, she also mounts workshops and collaborations. One of her recent projects involves working with social enterprise, Rags2Riches, designing artisanal, handmade home accessories.


AVP for Marketing, SM Home

Tina Montinola Gonzalez has been a successful retail and marketing executive for many years now. These days, she is the AVP for SM Home‘s Marketing arm. She works with the brands that their department houses, mounts campaigns and projects, and collaborates with key movers, personalities, and media.

TSM Joanna Preysler 1

Designer / Entrepreneur/ Carbon, Tint, EternoJoanna Preysler Boutique

Joanna Preysler Francisco designs for the modern woman via the fashion brands that she runs with her husband, Raul. Whether it’s for the precise and uncontrived Carbon, the feminine bohemian Tint, the exotic elegance of Eterno and Joanna Preysler Boutique, Joanna’s stylish creations reject the “trend” mentality. This — her preference for timeless design and superior quality — explains a lot about how she helps uplift the Filipino retail scene.

Do you have any #MummyBosses that you would like us to feature? Or are you a #MummyBoss yourself? Join our conversation by leaving your comments below or by sending me an email! Let’s show them who really rules the world now!

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