An Elegant Dinner Setting for a Good Cause

Last week, I assumed the role of event coordinator for my small events company, TSM Luxe Events, to handle a special, private dinner. It was for a client and his group of friends and colleagues from all over the world who are mostly in the field of research and environment, to celebrate the Philippine’s Immeasurable Marine Resources. It was an elegant dinner — nice, intimate, and understated — held at one of the most gorgeous restaurants in the metro, Blackbird, in Nielson Tower.


The table setting was very restrained too, with a pale palette of silver and white.

TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 11

The client wanted something simple and classy, elegant but nothing over the top.


So with the help of my friend Jo Claravall, we adorned the white tables with the most beautiful succulents and white orchids.


We also used white marble candle jars that beautifully illuminated the tables come dinner time.

TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 14

TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 9

Even in such a simple-looking setup, we made sure that no detail would be out of place.

TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 12

TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 5

Finally after all the preparations, the room was ready. This grand entrance was what welcomed our very special guests.

TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 7

Because the dinner was quite small (40 people only), we prepared two long tables right in the middle of Blackbird to contain the guests and keep the ambiance communal and intimate.

TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 1

It was a beautiful celebration. And it was for a good cause too. This event had important resource speakers who talked about how to further help our country’s marine conservation programs.

TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 16
TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 17
TSM Elegant Dinner Blackbird 18

As the night went on, I saw how this social gathering turned into one memorable evening with friends. This was no ordinary event for sure, as I witnessed how a small assembly of guests from all over the world can celebrate the bounty of the Philippine seas and our marine resources, a gift that we sometimes overlook and more often than not take for granted.

This is certainly one of the perks of the job — I am able to create something special for the client while at the same time, I am able to partake and learn from such a meaningful occasion.


    1. Thank you, Raquel!The venue was beautiful so it wasnt hard to make beautiful tablescapes as well! xxx

  1. Hey i like how you decorated everything, I can tell that you have good tastes and i can see from the pictures that the guests seem very happy.

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