The CBTL Venus: A Sleek Coffee-and-Tea Machine in One

There’s something about coffee (especially with my first few sips in the morning) that makes my day a bit brighter and my mood a whole lot better. I take my coffee seriously (I drink two cups a day, sometimes three) and, though I play favorites from time to time, I also know good coffee when I taste one. And guess what? I am especially loving my coffee at home these past few days because of my new coffee maker!


Just look at this sleek, new machine from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. This is their new product from the CBTL™ Single Serve Beverage System: the CBTL Venus. It is definitely a pretty and useful addition to my kitchen –and to any kitchen for that matter!

I must admit that in the beginning, the machine looked a bit intimidating to me –especially since I am really not what you may consider a “techie” person! But then I found out that all it takes is really just one push of a button to activate the machine’s twin pressure system! This is its unique feature that was specially designed in Italy, that allows the creation of a better, tailor-fitted drink every single time. The pressure options (high or gentle), are for the customization of your drinks. So for instance, high pressure delivers superior espresso with crema, while gentle pressure makes a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or tea.

Speaking of tea… it turns out that the CBTL Venus is not just for coffee, but for tea as well! So maybe I’ll surprise my guests one of these days by offering them a good cup of Chai Latte instead! 😉

This new beverage machine is available in the brand’s iconic colors of orange and purple. (I’m loving my purple one, of course!) Its lithe, curvy, and minimalist design makes it easy to fit into any kind of home or office, don’t you think?

Watch this short video to know more about the machine’s features :

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The CBTL Venus retails at P8,250 in select The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Philippines)
FB: Coffee Bean & Teal Leaf Philippines / IG: @cbtlph


  1. What a nice looking coffee machine! Been on the lookout for one and having a lot to choose from in the market makes it all confusing! Nespresso…Krups…

  2. It’s really wonderful machine! How can it make both tea and coffee. I definitely go for it after my old coffee machine stop working. Thanks for sharing!

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