My Top 6 Favorite Macarons

You all know by now how I love my sweets! And recently, you must have noticed that I have been posting a lot of macarons on my Instagram! Why? Because a lot of friends (well-meaning friends, if I may say so) have been sending them over to me as gifts from their travels, as pasalubong. Of course, I am not complaining! 🙂 After all, everything in a macaron is just delightful! It has a crispy shell and a chewy inner meringue, followed by that smooth filling that all balance perfectly and give a quick burst of flavor with every bite!

So what’s on my list of TOP 6 Favorite Macarons? Here they are:

Pierre Hermé

The flavors I love best from Pierre Hermé are: Dark Chocolate, Salted Butter Caramel, and Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit. They are all heavenly!

TSM Macaron - Pierre Herme

One thing I love about macarons is that they are light and airy, compared to other desserts like cakes, pies or ice cream. So eating one or two pieces (or even three and four) will not be cloying to your taste buds and won’t give you that heavy feeling in your stomach — like what you get when you finish a slice of rich chocolate cake!

I used to get Pierre Hermé only from Tokyo. But recently, I’ve been getting them from Hong Kong. Yes, they opened shop there already! Check them out at their addresses below.

* I’ve written about Pierre Hermé on the blog before. Check out my previous posts: TSM Fave Things and The Best of Tokyo to see more reviews!

Pierre Hermé

International Boutiques: Global Directory
Japan: Locations | Facebook |
Hong Kong: Locations | Facebook

Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki

Still in Tokyo… Ever since I discovered this shop a few trips ago, it has always been on top of my must-visit places in the city. Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki is a French-inspired Japanese patisserie filled with the most delicious and scrumptious desserts imaginable.

TSM Macaron - Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki

I say never leave Tokyo without having their macarons! Other must-tries here are their Millefeuille Vanille, Matcha cakes, and Chocolate eclairs.

* I wrote about this lovely patisserie here before in my post on Tokyo Adventures.

Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki
Japan: Tokyo | Nagoya | Fukuoka |
France: Paris
Taiwan: Taipei

Royce Chocolate World

But if you are keen on a salted caramel flavor, the best one I’ve ever tried so far (and it was a big surprise to me!) was from Royce Chocolate World.

TSM Macaron - Royce Chocolate World

This shop is located inside the Hokkaido Airport. This caramel salé macaron piece tasted like heaven for a sweet-salty lover like me!

* You can read about this sweet surprise and my other food faves in this part of Japan in : Top Food Experiences in Sapporo.

Royce Chocolate World (Hokkaido)

Connecting Path 3F, New Chitose Airport, Bibi, Chitose, Hokkaido

La Maison Du Chocolat

These macarons, meanwhile, are made by French chocolatier, La Maison Du Chocolat, who has reinterpreted the famous macaron recipe by adding its signature ganache inside.

TSM Macaron - La Maison Du Chocolat

Some of my favorite macaron flavors from them are: Plain Dark Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Ganache infused with Vanilla, Chocolate Ganache flavored with Raspberry, Ganache flavored Pistachio, Chocolate Ganache with Citrus and Lemon.

Of course, I will not forget to mention here that they make some of the best French chocolate pralines and truffles too!

La Maison du Chocolat
International Boutiques: Locations


One of my long-time favorite macarons is from Swiss name Luxemburgerli, sometimes also known as Confiserie Sprüngli. This brand is one of the most well-known Swiss Chocolatiers and is respected by both locals and visitors alike.
TSM Macaron - Luxemburgerli

Yes, these Luxemburgerli macarons are tiny compared to most macarons we’re all used to. They are smaller, lighter and more delicate — which tells me I can have more, without really feeling the guilt!

If you happen to be in Zurich, this place is a MUST! But since this is always a far possibility for most of us, just ask friends who travel to bring them home for you! 🙂 This is the case with my most recent box; it was a gift from a friend who shares the same love for all things sweet!

Luxemburgerli by Sprüngli
Bahnhofstrasse 21, Zürich, Switzerland


One of my favorite dessert places in the world is the French tea salon and pastry shop, Ladurée. I first discovered this patisserie in Paris, France, where some even argue that this is where the French macarons all began!

Later on, when I found myself frequenting Tokyo, Japan I rediscovered the shop here, conveniently located inside the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza. (I wrote about that experience here.)

TSM Macaron - Laduree

But did you know that Ladurée has opened shop right here in Manila? (Heaven must have heard my prayers!!)


These fresh macarons are flown in from Paris to Manila a couple of days in a week. They have a very pretty and charming little shop here. I really enjoyed going around the store, seeing and smelling all the colorful sweets and getting a box of 6 for me take home, only to realize that I had finished the whole box — even before I got home!

International Boutiques: Locations

Manila: Unit 103 8 Rockwell, Hidalgo Drive Rockwell Center, Makati City
Tel:  0917 5795447 / Email:

Do you have your own favorite macarons as well? Share them here with me!


  1. A delicious post indeed! I love these 6 macaron photos! These are beautiful cookies!
    I would love to make macarons but would have to really work up some courage to try them.

    Thanks for your share!

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