Mariel Padilla’s Beauty Secrets


I think we can all agree that Mariel Padilla has one of the most beautiful faces amongst our local TV personalities nowadays. When I met her in a friend’s party a couple of months ago, I also learned that she is not only quite friendly, but she is really one funny girl!

Mariel is wife to actor Robin Padilla, a role she considers to be her “favorite in the world.” She does think of herself as a modern woman, “a modern wife, one who maintains and runs her household, takes care of her husband but at the same time has a career,” she points out.


Her work takes place on television which puts her in the public eye every day, and she agrees that she needs to be her most beautiful as part of her commitment to her work. But besides that, she knows that her value goes beyond that. “I’m young,energetic, and extremely positive!” And I say, indeed, she is! And generous too — as she shares with us her ideas, tips, and approach to beauty in a short Q&A below:


Tell us about your about your life these days. What is keeping you busy?

I am currently part of ABS-CBN’s noontime show, It’s Showtime, which airs live from Mondays to Saturdays from 12 to 3pm. I feel really blessed to be part of a live show because when the show ends at 3pm, I have the whole day to go back and be a wife to my husband again, which is my favorite role in the world!

And maybe when I start to have kids — then maybe being a mother might be my new favorite role! But for now, being a wife is more than enough. I don’t feel the need to accept more than one show because doing a daily show is already very demanding — and I don’t want to be a neglectful homemaker!

Mariel Showtime

What is your beauty philosophy? What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is very important to me. I cannot sing to save my life, I cannot dance…I can act a little but I can’t cry on cue — so that doesn’t really make me a very good actress! But I’m lucky I can host and people seem to laugh at my jokes! So, yes, beauty is important to me because I am not that talented and this is all I have!! 😂

I hope I don’t sound too conceited. Although, [I also think that] beauty isn’t just what you see on the outside. I think part of what makes me feel beautiful is my charm, my endearing personality, my funny side, and really, my love for life!


As it is important in your line of work to look flawless, how much effort do you give to make yourself feel and look beautiful?

Oh, I really prepare for it. For work, I make sure I get enough sleep, I see to it that I am not rushed. Beauty takes time. If you asked me this question six years ago my answer would probably be different because I was young and immature then. But you know what they say, that with age comes wisdom. Every time I come out on TV, I want to look decent enough for my audience because I think that is what they deserve — to see a beautiful me! So I go to the studio early I always allot two hours for makeup and hair so that we are not pressed for time. I really don’t like being rushed.

When I don’t have work, though, that is a different story. I truly believe that if you don’t need to wear makeup, don’t! After work, I remove my makeup right away. It’s pertinent to let your pores and skin breathe too! I put on makeup on Mondays to Saturdays, so on a Sunday, I just really want to free my face from everything! But of course, when I go out of the house I want to look presentable, but I don’t put a lot of effort when it isn’t necessary.


You are an organic food devotee. Why is organic food important to you and how does it affect how you feel, how you look, and your days in general?

I love everything organic! I think this is my biggest beauty secret! I believe this is where I get my glow from!

Vegetables make you beautiful! So every single day, I juice. Pineapple is my base. I add cucumber, carrots, lettuce, celery and cilantro — every single day!

Because I feel good inside, it really helps me look good outside. I have gotten so used to eating healthy that when I eat chips and chocolates, I break out!


When it comes to makeup, can you give us some helpful tips in looking our best?

When I was 14, I did my very first TV commercial it was for Clean & Clear. I worked with the best makeup artists: Cristine Duque and Lala Flores. After seeing their work and how they transformed me, I was soooo sure I wanted to be a makeup artist. So during my first few years in showbiz, I tried to do my own makeup and you know what? No — it was not for me! I looked horrible!!

So now I just let the professionals do it. I just sit down and let them beautify me. My tip though is find a makeup artist that really cares for you, someone you trust completely. You know how we have a go-to designer — like Jot Losa because he cares about the little details and he always tries to make you look extra special and finds a way for you to discreetly stand out. I have the same belief in choosing the right makeup artist for me and I found it in Mark Qua. He is the lead makeup artist of Laura Mercier and he has been doing my make up for almost three years now.

It was actually an accident. Someone else was supposed to do my makeup but that person did an emergency shoot so Mark Qua had to do my makeup. It was a blessing in disguise! I found my makeup artist, one who cares about my every look, one who thoroughly thinks of how to change every look, one who turns ugly days to pretty days, and, most of all, one who is really artistic and talented. Perfect! So, I just sit back and relax everyday knowing that I am in good hands with him!


What products do you always make sure you have in your makeup kit?

Tweezers, Anastasia brow pencils (2 shades: caramel and ash blonde), MAC brow gel mascara (Beguile), Cheek Tint, Kill Cover concealer (my latest discovery from Korea), Shu Uemura eye lash curler, Maybelline Waterproof Mascara Hyper Curl Volume Express (you can only buy it from Japan now; why they discontinued it is a question I ask everyday!), Bare Minerals tinted hydrating gel cream (Buttercream), Benefit Hoola.


What products are you loving now?

Laura Mercier’s Candle Glow foundation! I swear by this product. Best foundation ever! It is so light but gives you the right coverage. It even has a dewy effect which is the look I kill for! That’s the look that I always try to achieve because I think it makes skin look natural and it still feels like skin!

I am also into Korean products now! I think that Korean products are good for Filipinos because they are formulated for Asian skin. In my recent trip to Korea, I hoarded skincare! Korean ginseng, caviar creams, snail creams, and face masks. That’s my new thing, although it sort of gives me pimples (because I think my skin is still getting used to masks and because I don’t really do that to my face — it is literally something foreign on my face). I’m willing to go through it if it will give me the anti-aging properties that I think my skin needs. I’m 31, I am not getting any younger, so, yes, prevention is better than cure.

Korean FullSizeRender copy

What is your beauty routine and on your must-do beauty list?

My main beauty secret is my juicing. It really made a big difference with how I feel inside that it naturally oozes in my exterior appearance.

Another thing that I truly, truly, truly believe in and have been doing for years is that I never sleep with makeup! Remove it! No matter how tired I am or how late I go to bed, I make it a point to remove everything! This allows my skin to breathe and rejuvenate while I sleep. Best tip ever!


And the last, but definitely not the least: I moisturize! My skin is on the dry side so it is really important that I moisturize. In December of 2012, we spent Christmas in Europe and I lost my luggage on my flight to Berlin, at the Dusseldorf airport (stopover). I bought myself moisturizers because I didn’t want my face to crack. Best accidental purchase ever: simple L’Oreal Youth Code Luminize! The best! This gave me the dewy finish that I love but it was never available in the Philippines. I remember hoarding at the Dubai airport because I loved it so much. I could leave the house with just that; that’s how much confidence it gave me. Sadly, Loreal has discontinued it. I cannot find it anymore anywhere… except on eBay! Now I have some on reserve. So being a hoarder does pay off — I have supplies that will last for years for as long as they don’t expire! Haha.


Who are your beauty icons?

My beauty icons are Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie! They use their beauty and fame to be the voices of those who are oppressed and ill. It is easy to be good-looking. Many people are good-looking but not everyone is beautiful because with beauty comes the intentions of your heart. They go out of their way to drive attention to places and people who need it the most so that the world would be aware of their issues, so that they will be heard, and so we can help others.

I didn’t always think this way. Six years ago, my beauty icon would have been Catherine Zeta Jones (I mean, hello? Entrapment! Mask of Zorro!). But because my husband is exactly like Hepburn and Jolie – but the male version – I now know what beauty really means.



  1. WOW! What an amazing article!!! I am a MARIEL fan from Dumaguete City and I am proud to say that I got the chance to meet and get to know her. Since then, I am her avid follower =)

  2. Hi Mariel P. I just read your blog, thanks for sharing your beauty tips! Pls continue to share things

  3. I really agree that mariel is very beautiful. I hope i can see her someday. Thanks for the tips maybe I can apply some of it.

  4. I agree beauty is not just on outside but from inside of your heart.And eating right makes you healthy from inside and that reflects on your face.Great article,very informative.Thanks for sharing.

  5. She is beautiful and because of her I use Laura mercier foundation and the Highlight 01
    Matte radiance baked powder and some of YSL products and SK11
    To hydrate I drink alkaline water with cucumber lemon and mint and orange this I got from her posts very helpful
    Love this drink Mariel

  6. Wow, great post! Definitely some very helpful tips and advice to try. I’ve never heard of the potato slices idea for dark circles, but will definitely have to try. Thanks for sharing!

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