TSM’s Fave Things: March 2016

A concert, an addition to my makeup stash, yummy food discoveries (of course!), and a bathroom necessity (hahaha, yes we all need this)… Here are my favorite things for March!

TSM Sting 3

Sting in Concert

I saw Sting perform when he was a guest at the concert of Chris Botti at the Marriott Grand Ballroom last March 3.

TSM Sting 1

He sang all his popular songs like Fields of Gold, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You, Every Breath You Take and of course, my favorite amongst them all, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic! 

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Dr85aXnJsNE”]

TSM Sting 2

Yes, I was THIS close to Sting! 🙂 I say it was the perfect intimate venue for a concert such as this. Sting’s distinct voice and charisma were very much evident on stage, and hearing his songs reminded me of my teen years and turned me into a hopeless romantic again! 🙂

TSM Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus Eyeliner

One of the things I can’t live without is a good eyeliner. And when I tried Eye of Horus from Glamourbox.ph, I never looked back since! The two shades on the right — the Selenite White and Sahara Nude — are great for illuminating and brightening the eyes. Meanwhile, the Bronze Amulet shade is good to add color. I like using it when I feel like some pick-me-up help to make things pop a bit.

The pencils contain moringa oil so they have a smooth and easy-to-apply texture that I love. It makes me feel like a makeup pro when I’m using them.

Available via Glamourbox
FB: @GlamourboxPH

Bao Mnl BunsBAO.MNL

These buns from BAO.MNL really hit the spot, and I tried them all one weekend (shared with my kids, not just me!).  We tried the Tofu Katsu Bao (Tofu with Oysters Mushrooms), Bao’s on Crack (Oven Roasted Pork with Asian BBQ sauce), the Gangnam Bao (Gochujang Chicken with Black Sesame Mayo), and the Ebi & Kani Bao (Shrimp and Crabstick Tempura with Soy Wasabi Sauce).

They were so filling and absolutely delicious!

Bao Mnl

My favorite amongst them all: Bao’s on Crack. Imagine this: It’s a soft bun filled with the most tender oven roasted pork belly, topped with homemade Asian bbq sauce and sriracha mayo. I really appreciate that BAO.MNL does not scrimp on ingredients. The soft, freshly baked bun is filled to the brim and their combination of homemade sauces and mix of flavors really just exploded in my mouth!

Email: baobun.mnl@gmail.com / Mobile: 0915 143 4041
FB: bao.mnl / IG: @bao.mnl@bao.mnl

TSM Dessert Kitchen

The Dessert Kitchen

This month, I finally got to try the newest dessert place that just opened, The Dessert Kitchen, which everyone has been raving about.

Two desserts stood out during my visit. First, was Purple in Love, which is made with Kyoho grape seaweed balls, grape shaved ice, mini rice balls, taro Mochi ice cream and more grapes! That’s the one in the back.

The second one, in the foreground is the Dancing Queen. It is filled with layers of vanilla ice cream, milk pudding, mini rice balls, red bean, green tea kanten, and then topped with their homemade green tea ice cream!

The Dessert Kitchen is a franchise from HK and serves a multitude of desserts that features mostly Asian ingredients such as fresh fruits, seaweed balls, Mochi and green tea. The branch in Powerplant Mall is the first in the Philippines, but it already has 20 branches worldwide, including one in New York. Certainly worth checking out when you have a sweet craving.

The Dessert Kitchen
3rd Floor, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Mobile: 0995 448 8233
FB: thedessertkitchenph

TSM Deja Poo

Déjà Poo Bathroom Spray

Do you know those “emergency times” when you need to use the bathroom but you don’t want people to know that you did something?! 🙂 It’s a time to be discreet about matters, right? I’m so glad to discover this handy product: Déjà Poo!  This bathroom spray uses only environmentally friendly essential oils and natural ingredients that form a layer to trap odor in the water… So nobody will know what just happened! 😉

They come in three nice, sweet-smelling scents: Vanilla, Mint, and Grapefruit & Chamomile. I find they are useful too to spray inside public toilets (or any other area for that matter) that simply don’t smell clean — if you know what I mean!

Déjà Poo
Available via www.keevaessentials.com
Mobile: 09988547912

FB: keevaessentials / IG: @keevaessentials

Do you have any favorite things from March too? Share them here with me!

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