The Spoiled Mummy Meets Fancy Kids

Fancy Kids- Marie Chantal (12)

There’s a new children’s lifestyle boutique that is making waves these days — and this one’s coming all the way from London! Fancy Kids showcases fresh, independent designers with a focus on high quality and good craftsmanship.

Just take a look at what’s on their website:

Fancy Kids Screenshot

They contacted me for an interview where I spoke about how The Spoiled Mummy blog has turned my life upside down, how I am able to run my new business, Grace Home with three growing kids and how I plan my next travel adventures. I also got to share in this interview my tried and tested “beauty secret”! 🙂  You can read all about what I said here.

TSM Fancy Kids Screenshots

Besides the Q and A, I also shared a recipe on the Fancy Kids blog, one that I always make at home and I’m sure you and your kids will love as well! The recipe is here: Homemade Spaghetti Bolognese.

You can learn more about Fancy Kids and shop via their online store now on


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