From New York to Manila: Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is Here!

Mark your calendars, steak lovers! On February 19, Manila will be the newest branch of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, at Newport Mall, Resort’s World Manila.

Since it first opened in Manhattan in 2004, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse now has nine branches in the United States, three in Japan, and one in Korea. Its owner, Wolfgang Zwiener, was considering retirement after serving as the headwaiter at the legendary Peter Luger in Brooklyn. After much convincing, he took his 40 years’ experience to create his own extraordinary restaurant and serve, what is now known as, his signature 100% dry-aged prime steaks, matching it with a better location, wine selection, and improved service and amenities. For the best steaks, only USDA Prime Grade Black Angus beef is used for its superior marbling, tenderness, flavor, and texture.

The Manila restaurant will be keeping with the tradition and reputation by having its own special dry-aging room — the first and only steakhouse in the country to have one — where the beef will be placed on racks for about 28 days. Having this in-house and going through this process are necessary to achieve optimum flavor and tenderness.

While the restaurant hasn’t formally opened yet, there have been a few events recently to introduce this new restaurant to some lucky people — yes, including me! I was fortunate to have attended their very first press launch to experience their service firsthand and taste their steak for myself!

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse 2
The restaurant’s President and Managing Partner, Wolfang’s son, Peter Zweiner.

We started off with some really good salads and fresh appetizers: Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Tuna Tartare, and Wolfgang’s Salad. 

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Starters

Right after the light and healthy salads, we went straight to one of the main stars of this dinner : the restaurant’s famous Bacon! This thick slab is sweet, juicy and tender. It is delicious on its own! 

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Bacon

After that tasty appetizer, we were on to our seafood mains — a lot of them! We started with this fresh and lightly seared Yellowfin Tuna. 

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Tuna

Followed by this crispy-skinned Red Snapper. 

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Appetizer

Followed by this perfectly grilled Norwegian Salmon.

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Salmon

And as if those were not enough yet to fill us to the brim…we were soon greeted by this humongous 3-pound Lobster!

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Lobster 2

I am a big lobster fan myself so you can just imagine how this really made me happy!



Of course we cannot end our meal without the highlight of the night – well, there was two of them actually!

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Ribeye
The USDA Ribeye: The meat of this steak was big, bold and chunky. It was cooked just right and, wow, it was really full of flavor.
TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Steak
The USDA Porterhouse: This was seasoned well and contained the right amount of fat and marbling in between. Slices were nice, thick, and juicy! The steak was very tender that I did not need a steak knife to cut through it!

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Meat

Of course, I had both kinds! The one on the left side of my plate is the Porterhouse, and the one on the right is the Ribeye. Both cuts were very good and tasty if you ask me (although I had more of the Porterhouse that night; just look at how medium and pink the inside is but brown and crusty on the sides)!

But one thing’s for sure, no matter what you end up ordering, you are guaranteed to get the best kind of beef here since Wolfgang’s Steakhouse uses only Black Angus, shipped all the way from the US. And upon arrival, the beef goes through the dry-aging process (in the restaurant’s special room made just for this) for 28 days before serving.

And lastly, what’s a good meal without its proper ending… that is, without desserts?

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Dessert

We started with this yummy Apple Strudel, sweet chunks of apple enveloped in a nice, thin crisp of pastry wrapper.

TSM Wolfgangs Steakhouse Dessert 1

And we ended with this decadent dessert platter of : Pecan Pie with Schlag, Chocolate Mousse, and Creme Brulee. All delicious, I tell you, especially THAT Chocolate Mousse right there which I highly suggest. (Try it now and thank me later!)

I am quite happy myself that Manila’s restaurant scene is continuously evolving and growing with the addition of more restaurants with new concepts everywhere! We Filipino diners are really getting lucky and spoiled here… and don’t you think that’s just the way it’s supposed to be?! 🙂

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse (Manila)
2/F Newport Mall, Resort’s World Manila
Newport Boulevard, Pasay City, Manila
FB: @WolfgangsSteakhousePH / IG: @wolfgangsteakhouseph


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