Work-Life Balance as a “#MummyBoss”


When it comes to finding that elusive balance in managing everything that is required of us, I know it differs from mom to mom, and from home to home. In our case for instance, having a set of structure and routine helps. This kind of thinking is how I try to manage being a Spoiled Mummy, a #MummyBoss, and simply, being my kids’ silly mummy all in one! There is a learning curve for sure, but so far here’s what I’ve learned to do :

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1. Setting the house rules

We follow a stricter schedule on school days and a more relaxed, free-for-all schedule during weekends, holidays and when we travel. On school days, they eat their meals at specified times of the day. There is a curfew or a set sleeping time that everyone follows. Meanwhile, on weekends and holidays, we splurge on sleeping, more food (more desserts and chocolates are allowed!), and of course, more fun (shopping, playing) in between!

In my family, I am the disciplinarian, aka the “bad cop”! I am the one who sets the schedule, the daily routine, the house rules. I like the kids to learn how to follow rules and respect authority, not out of fear but out of love and willingness to obey. And when I say “authority”, that’s not just me and the hubby, but the other elders in the house as well, like Yaya N, who takes care of them like their second mother, as she has been with us for 12 years now and counting — from my first to my third child!

TSM Mummy Boss Balance

2. Being guided by strong family values

It is my desire and prayer (and I guess any parent too for that matter) that our children live a life of integrity and honesty — no matter what the world offers them in return. In line with those, I also want them to know the values of kindness and humility and the lasting rewards of being caring and selfless to others, especially to those in need.

On the other side of the spectrum, I hope that they also understand and learn the value of hard work, no matter what circumstance in life they have been born with. So that when the time comes for them to leave the comforts of home, they are not afraid to work hard, go after their dreams and live life with passion. Hopefully (because of what they see in me and their dad), we are able to show them how we have been changed and transformed to become better people and better parents to them because of our work.


3. Showing support for each other’s dreams

The Spoiled Mummy blog was born because I realized that I am not the kind of person to sit still, do nothing and just wait for everybody to come home. I am the type who needs to be doing something productive (and feel useful) everyday. It was back in 2012 when I felt that “itch” for me to start something, to be more than just a housewife and mom. Fast forward to today, the blog has evolved to what it is now and has given me a different kind of fulfilment and sense of accomplishment, as I am able to build a community of women and fellow moms with the same likes and interests. The heartwarming messages and the positive feedback I get from my readers assure me that I must be doing something right.

And after 3 years of being The Spoiled Mummy, I realized again that I am also growing and ready to do more. And that’s when Grace Home was born. My love for all things home and my entrepreneurial side were finally given the light to shine. And so here I am now managing and leading the growth of two very personal brands close to my heart, while working from home (so I can still stay close to the family) and while still being the bad cop in terms of running the kids’ day to day schedule!

Bottom line? Each one of us has a dream to fulfill. Everyone has a wish in their heart that they want to see come true. And in this case, in our family, we all need each other’s support in understanding each person’s different needs. We all need one another’s help in fulfilling our individual goals. Our deepest desires are placed in our hearts for a reason — and that reason is for us to see them fulfilled and come to life. So whatever it is, there are no excuses, as there is nothing that should hinder us from working towards our dreams in life!

It’s still the first month of the new year… we have a long way to go, which also means we have a big chance to do something right and better this time around. Let’s face our challenges head on and make this year, our best one yet!


    1. Thank you Kim for your kind words! It is very heartwarming to receive positive feedback from readers. Thank you for continuously inspiring me as well! 🙂

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