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The first month of the year is coming to a close. One of the best things to promise ourselves is to carve out precious ‘me time’ in our busy schedules. Honestly, especially among women and mothers, it seems that it takes a real commitment to put ourselves first!

A spa treatment is one of the easiest ways to replenish our energies so that we can return to being loving and caring to our families. We also want to be revitalized so we can work better on our dozens of responsibilities in and outside of home. In as little as 60 minutes, the surrender to another’s healing touch means that we’ve allowed to be the one cared for – for a change! – which we need every so often.

So how do you know which spa is best for you? Here are a few guidelines to consider:

Stimulate all your senses

A good spa goes beyond the type of treatments available. It should aim to incorporate all senses for a complete experience in renewal and relaxation.

This is what we uncovered when we paid a visit to Toccare Spa, a luxurious spa at the Antel Hotel Suites in Makati. Toccare Spa incorporates all five senses in creating the essential spa treatment.

Toccare Spa Reception

“Incorporating the five senses in creating a spa experience is essential,” says Leah Dy, VP Marketing and Sales.

The idea is simple: you customize your entire spa session at Toccare Spa. Each session is customized at every step for a truly personalized pampering experience. This means, you choose what appeals to each of your senses, designing a personalized session that suits your specific mood and preference. After choosing the treatment you prefer, you will also be selecting the massage oil to be used, the aromatherapy scent for the room, and the kind of music to be piped in.

Imagine this: Upon entering your room, you inhale the scent of soothing lavender, which calms down the senses prior to the treatment. The soft music evoking the sounds nature plays quietly, while your eyes take in the sight of subtly sparkling gemstones in a dimly lit room. The therapist utilizes the sense of touch with every pressure, rubbing and stretching. At the end, a beverage of choice – hot tea to awaken slowly or iced tea for a quick lift – completes the experience.

Toccare Rose Quartz Room

Elevate the healing process

For a more premium experience, you can choose to have your treatment in one of the five executive rooms.

None of the executive rooms at Toccare Spa are the same. Each room is an elegant reflection of specific qualities and colors of a crystal gemstone: Jade, Citrine, and Black Onyx for the individual rooms; Rose Quartz and Amethyst for the couple/group rooms.

Leah shares that first timer guests may need some help understanding the benefits of each gemstone so they can choose the room that appeals most to them. She also shares that “the best seller is the Rose Quartz room – who won’t want to fall in love in that room? Rose Quartz, being the color of the year 2016, is for attracting and enhancing love! It is followed by Jade, which doesn’t just bring balance, but attracts good health too. Citrine is a must-room for our regular businessmen clients; they say Citrine brings luck in business and prosperity. I have a client who gets a massage prior to contract signing or when she needs to make a big decision at work.”

Don’t dismiss the other two options: Amethyst promotes inner peace, while Black Onyx balances energies and help strengthen commitments.

Toccare Hallway

Consider the most indulgent options available

To truly tap the healing energies of gemstones, Toccare Spa offers a unique Healing Gemstone Massage, their signature massage that makes use of semi-precious stones. Because each gemstone has its own properties, you can choose which to use to address your specific needs.

But why stop there? Spa Packages are also available, especially if you can set aside a few hours. When was the last time you gave yourself a chance to stop and focus on yourself anyway?

At Toccare Spa, a Half-Day Spa Package can be custom-designed for you as well. Leah describes the most luxurious sounding ‘me-day’ possible (remember, this is just one way of experiencing this package):

It begins with the Foot Ritual treatment, to cleanse the feet and begin the relaxation process with the therapist slowly pressing focal points to calm you. After, an exfoliating body scrub, maybe with lemongrass. After quickly rinsing the scrub with water, not washing, as you’d want to keep the properties of the lemongrass on your skin, it’s time for a Body Wrap. You can tell your therapist if you have a particular effect in mind (whitening, body sculpting, slimming, or skin softening) which will dictate the wrap to be used. To make the pampering more indulgent, add a Scalp Massage to the package during this time. Then, the main event: your choice of massage therapy — the Hilot Massage is a best selling choice, while the Gemstone Massage, as described earlier, is a therapeutic delight.

Toccare Spa also offers Healing Bamboo Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Indian Ayurveda, as well as a Classic Massage. It really depends on what strikes your fancy.

Leah recommends that you end your half-day spa treat with an Aromatherapy Facial.

“Our facials are an ultimate favorite as they complete the relaxing feel while it cleansing, hydrating, and purifying the skin. The guest [usually] falls asleep because its aromatic massage!” But why end there? Leah suggests, “If the client has a time, we do a classic manicure and pedicure.”

Toccare Black Onyx Room

Enjoy a Spoiled Session (a giveaway to my lucky readers!)

It’s still a brand new year, so why not a brand new, refreshed, and reenergized you, too?

We’d like to give you even more reason to schedule an indulgent ‘me time.’ The Spoiled Mummy and Toccare Spa are giving away two Spoiled Sessions at Toccare Spa consisting of one set of Foot Ritual, Hilot Massage, and Aroma Facial each (for a total of approximately 120 minutes each) . That’s right, we are spoiling two lucky winners!

Here’s what you need to do:

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  4. I’ll announce the two winners in a week’s time after I’ve read all the entries.

That’s it! Easy right? Go and send me that email, I cant wait to hear from you!

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