A Magical Birthday for my Princess Ballerina


Maybe I should have entitled this post: A Birthday Party for My Most Difficult Client, though I say that with much love and affection! ūüôā

One of the hats I wear is that of an events coordinator, putting the TSM luxe touch to special events. I enjoy it a lot as I work to make beautiful concepts come to life. It’s all about the details and, thankfully, I am one who cares about the littlest detail.

But every year, the event with the most demanding client would be that of my littlest one: my only girl, my mini me who just turned five. Unlike her two brothers, who are fairly straightforward about party planning and know exactly what they want, this little girl dreams of ideas that she wants executed her way… which truthfully, reminds me so much¬†of me! ūüôā So I gladly oblige, and work a little extra for this one and prepare ahead of time.


Unlike her brother’s¬†last-minute birthday party¬†last October,¬†when I had to look up for supplies and food within a week’s time, I had a month and a half¬†to develop my little girl’s¬†party’s¬†concept… which¬†also meant that the theme constantly changed. A ballerina party! No, a princess party! No, wait, she’s not sure again.

Eventually, the final idea came together. This little client then said, “Why don’t we just put them together, mommy? How¬†about… a princess ballerina party instead?!!”

Of course, I said YES. (Because, really, how can I say no to her?) And I must say, it¬†turned out to be quite beautiful. It was simple and yet, still magical. Maybe I have a little event coordinator prot√©g√© in the making — she is my mini-me after all!



It was a pastel day, certainly. There were lots of dreamy pinks and powdery blues. Everything was light and airy, like ballerinas in flight. And everyone, of course, was to be treated like princesses, like royalty too!

Like most of my kids’ parties, this is a DIY homemade party. I took care of everything — yes, including the setup — which was just in our own little garden anyway.¬†The theme played out in everything. I asked Party Starters to provide me with their DIY kit, help me with my printables, and get a “Princess” host for me.




Food was fairly simple. We had children’s party food which the kids (and moms and dads) really enjoyed! Delicious and homemade¬†spaghetti with meatballs, chicken lollipops, nachos, rainbow birthday cake, healthy cupcakes, and pink lemonade.


I asked The Sweet Life by Ange to make an ombre pink pastel cake that revealed a rainbow of my little girl’s favorite colours when sliced.


And these¬†cupcakes were specially made by The Flour Girl.¬†I requested for¬†“healthier cupcakes,’ ¬†something besides the usual sugary sweet and heavily frosted ones. These cupcakes were¬†made of pumpkin and banana, topped with light buttercream and less sweet chocolate frosting!


Giveaways, prizes, and lootbags were fairly simple too.


These little paperbags were filled with snacks, stickers, toys, ribbons, hair clips, and other little knick knacks girls love!


The birthday girl had requested that all her princess guests come in tutu skirts too!


And everyone loved having a¬†“real, singing princess” join the party as well!

The girls were twirling, dancing, and playing all sorts of princess ballerina games all throughout the afternoon!

TSM Princess Ballerina Activities

It was truly one sweet and magical day — not just for my little one, but for this mummy as well.

Alessi and Mum AQ
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Party Starters — DIY kit, Printables and Host
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The Sweet Life By Ange —¬†Rainbow Cake
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The Flour Girl — Cupcakes
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Windsor Chairs — Picnic Tables and Chairs
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