What to Order for Your Holiday Potluck

Tis’ the season for Christmas parties and holiday potlucks! Recently, I’ve discovered a few new delectable dishes (savories and desserts) you can bring to your own celebrations, to share and impress your family and friends! 🙂

I’ve set all these on my table (not all at the same time, of course!) and they’ve all been enjoyed very much. So choose one or two for your big parties this holiday season, and keep the rest in mind for other times you are hosting or attending a potluck feast!

Here’s what to bring to the table to make your party even merrier:


Manila Belly

Look at that crispy skin! For your carnivorous loved ones, this pork belly by Manila Belly is a surefire potluck star. It’s a Filipino pork lover’s dream: savory and juicy meat with skin that crackles. We had the spicy variant — you can choose between classic and spicy flavors, and sometimes seasonal flavors too. Loaded with secret herbs and spices, the pork was oh so flavourful. It was surely one of the most tender pork bellies I’ve ever tried — a terrific alternative to ordering a whole lechon, especially if your party is on the smaller side.

Email: manilabelly@gmail.com
Mobile: +63 9776807519
Facebook: manilabelly / Instagram: @manilabelly


Lily & Rose

If you only know Lily & Rose as a meal delivery service, then you’re missing out on their custom catering. I can plan an entire menu around their gourmet-to-go offerings — which I have, actually — and so far, I’ve been pleased with all I’ve tried. Some of my favorites include their Warm Salmon Dip with Crostinis, Truffled Pasta with Mushrooms, Tuscan Lemon Chicken, and Salmon with White Wine Sauce. It’s straightforward comfort food, organic and homemade, but definitely not boring. I suggest that you get your serving platters ready and do the final plating yourself, to make your spread even more appetizing.

Mobile: +63 927814 9151
Email: lilyandrosemanila@gmail.com
Facebook: lilyandrosemanila / Instagram: @lilyandrosemanila

Creme Brûlée Cake

The Pastry Cart

I know I’ve already listed a whole list of must-have desserts from my most recent list of favorite things, but I need to add this one more delicious find: the Creme Brûlée Cake from The Pastry Cart. Order quickly as it’s a favorite among many dessert lovers too. This specialty cake has two layers of sweet chiffon cake with a layer of light cream in between. On top, it is finished off with caramelized custard. Pillowy soft, luxuriously smooth and rich, and really oh-so-good! This is going to be one of your best kinds of indulgences this season!

Location: Valle Verde Pasig. (Order at least one day ahead.)
Mobile: +63 9167457729
Twitter: @pastrycart / Instagram: @thepastrycart


Nawwty’s Kitchen

If turkey is more your family’s thing, look at this beauty from Nawwty’s Kitchen. They offer two kinds of stuffed turkey: Classic Stuffed Turkey with Herbed Stuffing and Apple and Sausage Peppered Roast Turkey. Both come with mashed potato, your choice of classic cranberry or homemade peach marmalade, roasted vegetables, and that delicious pan gravy sauce.


But wait – there’s also Nawwty’s signature dish: Crabfat Paella. Those words say it all: saffron rice covered in yummy crabfat! It’s also topped with crunchy chicharon, to make the dish even richer! If you like what you’re seeing, take note that you need to give Nawwty’s Kitchen a two-day lead time when you order.

Email: nawwtyskitchen@gmail.com
Mobile: +63 918 9987474; +63 917 8665849
Facebook: nawwtyskitchen / Instagram: @nawwty

Prias Kitchen Stuffed Chicken Relleno

Pria’s Kitchen

Stuffed Chicken Relleno is a traditional dish served on special occasions, especially for Noche Buena, but it can be so tedious to make. Pria’s Kitchen makes their own version that serves 8 to 10 people, so all you need to do is carve and serve!
Prias Kitchen Food for the Gods
And, if you’re up for another classic, add an order of Food for the Gods as well. This is one pastry that is quite common during the holidays, but you need to know which ones are the good ones. Pria’s Kitchen loads her bars with dates, walnuts and a lot of “secret ingredients” that make her version one of the best ones I’ve ever had, that make every bite worth it!

Email: priaskitchen@gmail.com
Instagram: @priaskitchen
Mobile: +63 9369219758 / Tel: 8179271; 8899265

Enjoy the holidays! Happy feasting!

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