The #MummyBoss Struggle: What To Prioritize?


I am quite involved with the kids on a daily basis as I now work from home. This is my choice and this is how it has been since the day my eldest was born. It was a conscious decision from my part that I will take care of rearing the kids most of the time, since the hubby has a very unpredictable and busy schedule. I don’t regret this decision one bit as this has allowed me to see them grow from the day they were born till today.

However, ever since I’ve started becoming busier for The Spoiled Mummy and now for Grace Home, my kids have noticed how I can get preoccupied at times. It has sometimes become unavoidable even during weekends, especially when I have my bazaars and events to attend to. I try my best to explain to them that mummy is now a working mummy; unlike before when they were much younger, all I would do is take them to the park and playdates, and be with them practically the whole day.

Everyday, I learn more what it’s like to be an entrepreneur running a little business. That no matter how small, the demands can actually be so big. But my home and my family are my priorities; just because I can’t be with them every minute of the day doesn’t mean they matter less to me.

I think for any working parent out there, being able to explain and manage expectations with children are key. Similarly, I also like planning ahead to help me keep the household, our schedules and our days organized. Well, in a way life is still pretty chaotic because unexpected things still happen. But I would like to think that discipline and a good system in place are what keep us all in order and moving smoothly.

The Mummy Boss

Since I’ve been really busy the past few months (in between working on The Spoiled Mummy, our newly revamped site and building my little business, Grace Home), I try my best to spend as much quality time with them as I can afford during down times like weekends, holiday breaks and of course, when we travel.

During my times with the family, I try my best (again the operative word is try) to log off, tune out from the social media world even for a few hours during the day, and quietly bond with them. (But to be honest, I still feel like a failure in this aspect.) So my resolution is to try again, but this time, to try even harder.

So tell me, how do you mummies manage your day-to-day responsibilities and how do you find balance between your work and your personal lives?

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