Grace Home Launch: The Event and The Reveal

It’s been six months or so, since the first trunk show of Grace Home and things could not have gone on more differently. The first event was much a like a whirlwind romance: the moment I made known that I had a new business, friends and supporters came forward to help me put together a launch and a trunk show in one… in less than a week! I had no time to have second thoughts or get cold feet. Before I knew it, I had my products on display, I had opened shop, and I was standing my ground as a new entrepreneur running a small business.

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However this second time around, it was more of a “secret love affair.” The months of concocting the new Grace Home candle and the weeks spent planning its launch had me giddy, nervous and excited. I couldn’t wait to make my big announcement, but I had to keep it to myself first! There was much to think about and to perfect: the formulation, the packaging… down to the very glass jar the candle was to be placed in. No detail was left unchecked.

And when the time came to plan its reveal, all I wanted was a simple dinner at home – maybe some cocktails and a few close friends to share this new object of my affection with.

As you all know by now, the reveal was nothing small. Just like any romantic with stars in her eyes, the plans got bigger and bigger, mostly because I had come to realize what Grace Home really means to me and how I needed to come out in the open to everyone who has supported me over time.

And what best way would it be to woo you (or to woo me, actually) but with the sweetest kind of treats? Planning a dessert menu came naturally; The Spoiled Mummy, as I have mentioned before, began partly because of her big love for desserts.

Which was exactly what happened: A Toast to the Holidays! was a dessert showcase and the surprise launch of Grace Home‘s newest product.  Let me tell you all about it and how it all came together last Friday.

The Press Tour

Before we opened the the doors to the public, I had my little launch as I had originally planned. Unbeknownst to others, there were really two events that day: a little press event and the bigger public event.


The press event was a tour of the Kirov Showroom of The Proscenium at the Rockwell Center, with a Grace Home twist to it: all rooms were scented by each of the products’ unique fragrances. It was a recap for those familiar with them and an introduction to those encountering the Grace Home line for the first time.


After that very short tour, we played a little game — a little quiz about the products we just saw (and smelled). It was a fun time, with prizes of course!

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And then, with everyone gathered in the living area, I came clean and showed them what the day’s main event was truly about: it was the debut of the new Grace Home Candle in Vetiver, Blood Orange and Almond.

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The biggest question we had during our planning was how to keep it all under wraps (literally) until the big reveal. Well, behind a curtain, naturally!

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Here is the new candle’s first appearance!
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Grace Home Pop-Up Boutique

In the main area, a little Grace Home shop was ready for its patrons. It’s a familiar sight for those who’ve frequented us, a touch of cozy elegance that displayed the Grace Home line. The Vetiver, Blood Orange and Almond Candle joined the setup for the very first time.


This little trunk show was such a pleasure to run! Again, I am humbled by the support of everyone who shopped… especially since most of you came not knowing what I was really up to!

Cakes and Cocktails

The event opened its doors to the public at 2:30pm and guests were sure to notice that in front of a huge floral wall was the setup for our holiday demo, entitled : Cakes and Cocktails. I had asked one of my favorite dessert chefs, Carmela Villegas-Agosta of Casa San Luis Pastries and one of her partners at Crisp at 28th, the Fat Kid Inside‘s Erwan Heussaff, to show us how to pair our desserts with cocktails.


Carmela and Erwan are longtime collaborators. In fact, they’re really old friends—since kindergarten! Carmela told us that Erwan would always host elaborate dinners for friends during his last years of school when they were all living in Paris… and he was known to always pair a course with a drink!

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Meanwhile, Erwan likes to say that if it weren’t for him, Carmela wouldn’t have met her husband since they were college classmates. Carmela only studied Pastry after meeting Julien because his parents owned a boulangerie-patisserie in the French Alps and in Provence.

For our event, Erwan mixed and served a couple of cocktail drinks while Carmela showed us how to prepare easy homemade desserts for our own holiday parties.

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They left us with two basic tips: (1) match the ingredients for a thematic take on the pairing, and (2) complement the drink with the dessert in terms of taste.

Here’s what we had (yes, those who came up front managed to taste what they prepared):

Erwan’s cocktails: Blood Orange Mai Tai (Lime, Almond Syrup, Rum, Angostura Bitters, Blood Orange Water, Cointreau) and Pistache Nog—Brandy, Egg White, Cream, Lemon Juice, Cardamom Orange Syrup, Nutmeg

Carmela’s cakes: Citrus Fondant au Chocolate and Rose-Strawberry Fairy Cake

This demo kicked off an outrageously delicious event. Reading the list of desserts , hors d’oeuvres, and drinks paled in comparison to actually seeing them all set up on the tables and tasting them! I know my guests went home that day full, happy and spoiled! 🙂

But you’ll have to wait a bit… I’ll talk about what we had in our spectacular food spread in the next post!

Stay tuned!

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