Grace Home Candle: The Second Scent

The first Grace Home Candle in Rose, Talc and Basil as some of you may be familiar with, was inspired by my present journey to motherhood. I concocted it with the thought that I wanted a scent that would represent who we are as women and as mothers of today: strong, independent and empowered, while still feminine and delicate.

But since I’ve talked about my first candle quite a lot these past few months, now it’s time for me to tell you more about my second candle. Although, I am so happy that many people have come to love the first, which has the rose-talc-basil formulation, I know that as a collector and lover of candles myself, it is always a good thing to have an alternative! Personally, I like trying and mixing different scents myself, finding out which one works best with my mood or my space at any given time.

So six months after Grace Home Manila launched the first candlewe now have a new one! And let me already tell you that this one is remarkably different from the first. The scent is more subtle and gentle, but not any less potent than the first one – as I love my candles to be strong enough to fill my room with its distinct scent.


This Grace Home Candle is formulated with the essential oils of Vetiver, Blood Orange and Almond. This one takes a more restrained approach, offering a scent that is fresh, calming, and discreetly sweet. It is decidedly unfeminine too.

Here’s a bit of trivia: Vetiver is a favored element in fragrances for men. And yet, this Grace Home Candle has found the balance that appeals to both men and women. The formulation combining Vetiver, Blood Orange, and Almond is designed for those who appreciate a more neutral and earthier scent that is also both stimulating and uplifting.


Vetiver, a tropical grass, signifies a woody earthiness, reminiscent of an afternoon immersed in nature. Vetiver essential oil is credited for being very grounding and calming— it is a natural relaxant.

Meanwhile, Blood Orange is considered to be one of the finest dessert oranges in the world. Its fresh citrus scent is uplifting, stimulating and invigorating. Blood Orange essential oil is commonly attributed as a natural sedative, anxiety reliever and mood lifter.

Neutralizing the two previous scents is Almond, a scent that is both warm and comforting. It adds to the balance of the candle’s formulation with its sweet, buttery notes.

Grace Home Candles FAQs

All Grace Home Candles are made of fresh, hand-poured beeswax that is all-natural and produced from harvested honey. Beeswax candles are the oldest kind of candles that people have used since ancient times.

Did you also know that beeswax is costly to produce because it takes 100 pounds of honey to be able to gather 1 to 2 pounds of beeswax? This makes every Grace Home Candle the product of a very patient and careful process.

Here are other good things to note about our specially formulated beeswax candles:

  1. They give a completely clean burn. They emit none of the black smoke that other candles give off.
  2. They release negative ions that purify, cleanse, and improve the quality of the air in the room. As a natural ionizer, they can relieve stress and boost energy and alertness levels.
  3. They are hypoallergenic, perfect for people with environmental allergies and sensitivities.
  4. They have a high melting point that makes them last much longer than lesser-quality variants. This means that a beeswax candle’s light burns stronger and brighter!

Aside from all these wonderful things about the second Grace Home Candle. our new blend of Vetiver, Blood Orange and Almond comes in a beautiful and specially handcrafted amber-colored glass jar.

For your inquiries and orders, check out our FAQs page or send me an email at: We do pickups, deliveries, and shipment within the Philippines!

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