Philippine Star and Rockwell Land: A Celebration of Grace

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To celebrate Rockwell Land‘s twentieth year, Philippine Star’s Allure section featured 20 personalities that embody the true Rockwell lifestyle. As one of them, I was asked to share how the Rockwell community has helped and inspired me over the years. Last Sunday, this interview came out.

“I consider it home. It’s an oasis. Everything we need is already here. It is a very family – oriented community. We’re here at the Rockwell Club 3 or 4 times a week. I get my weekly massages and go to the gym here. My kids do their sports here as well. The quality of service the club provides matches the needs of its members… even going beyond what’s expected.”

Living a few minutes away from Rockwell means that this community is indeed second home to me. I spend most of my days here: this is where I hold my meetings for work, this is where I have lunch with my girlfriends, this is where I take my kids for their after-school sports activities, and of course, this is where I do most of my weekly shopping (groceries and otherwise!) The accessibility, service, convenience that this community provides is unparalleled… this is why Rockwell has always been a big part of me.

I’m grateful to be part of a community that suits my needs and my family’s lifestyle seamlessly. This is where mummies, daddies, kids, and everyone else is truly and happily spoiled! 🙂

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