Children and Clothes: Using Only The Mildest and Safest for Them

I can get quite meticulous as a mummy. I am the type who enjoys knowing the smaller details and making decisions only after studying them. It doesn’t matter if it’s about the new product I’m developing for my home line, or the food we are preparing for our children’s daily baon to school, or how the household is run — I need to know all the facts. This is my home and family after all!

Now, my daughter loves pretty dresses and the whole “art of dressing up.” It is such a delight to see her at this stage of growing and “glowing!” As much as I’d like to indulge her, I am also very protective of her. Actually with all my kids, I try to choose only the best products for them, products that are mild, safe, healthy and beneficial — so I make sure that nothing in their rooms or on their bodies will harm them.


Nothing, not even laundry detergent goes unchecked in our home. (Yes, I am an OC mom!) Especially for my little girl’s wardrobe in particular, I have stuck to Cycles, a brand that has promised and proven to be mild on clothes so they stay in their best condition. But more than protecting the clothes, what I appreciate most about Cycles is that it is very mild on children’s skin, keeping their skin free from irritations. (And we all know how our children’s skin can be so sensitive these days!) It has no harsh chemicals and does not leave soap residue that usually causes skin allergies and rashes.

My kids may be past the baby stage, but if I can protect them as when they were babies, then why not? So while I do spoil my daughter every now and then by shopping for her some pretty dresses, I also spoil her by keeping her safe and irritation-free. Isn’t that how we mummies love to do it?

And let me tell you a “spoiled mummy secret”: I sneak in some of these Cycles detergent and use it for my own delicate clothes too! 🙂


Ps. Did you know that Cycles has more than laundry detergent to offer? They now have other baby products, as safe and as mild as well! We are currently using their Head-to-toe Body Wash, Toy Cleaner and their Citronella-based Mosquito Repellent Stickers as well. As mummies, we all know that our priority is really about keeping our children clean, safe and healthy at all times!

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