Buy Local, Love Local: The Bench Holiday 2015 Preview

One misconception that I often encounter is that I don’t buy local. Of course I do! 🙂 In fact, most of my pieces in my wardrobe are locally made. Brand names (local or otherwise) don’t really matter much to me. As long as quality and fit are good, then it goes to my shopping bag and into my closet!

And of course, another good way of looking at it is when we buy local, we also support the Filipino enterprises and help provide jobs for our countrymen. By buying local, we are fueling our economy for growth. (Yes, some serious stuff in here!) 🙂 Being a Spoiled Mummy is about being a practical and smart mummy after all.

So when I was asked to participate in the Holiday 2015 presentation of the Bench brands, I said why not? After all, I have a lot of their pieces in my closet already.

It happened last week at the Bench Tower in Bonifacion Global City where the different Bench brands put their Holiday Collection on display: Bench, Bench Body, Human, and Kashieca.

That afternoon, I was one of the Kashieca ladies – together with all these stylish ladies beside me!

Left to Right: Keri Neri, Loralee Soong, Stephanie Zubiri, Myself, Nicole Ortega.

And this is me posing with all the live mannequins around me — all so professional (I actually thought they were not real!), sexy, and gorgeous!


I wore a classic Kashieca outfit that day : blue sleeveless top and black skinny jeans. The fit is perfect, the style is chic and feminine, and they are both something I can mix and match with my other classic ensembles. The holiday collection they presented was all about minimalist cuts on the feminine silhouette. It is sophisticated without being too uptight.

*My fashion tip is always dress for your body type. Accentuate your assets, hide your flaws, find out what works for you (and doesn’t) and stick to it! 🙂

With the original Bench model, Richard Gomez, and Suyen Corp’s Brand Manager, Christine Lim.
With Suyen Corp’s President, Mr Virgilio Lim, and his gracious wife, Mrs Nenita Lim, VP for Finance.

Kashieca, after all, has always been about marrying classic styles with contemporary fashion. For its Holiday 2015 collection :

Kashieca retains its versatility with distinctly feminine style. From crisp blouses and cropped tops, maxi dresses, and midi skirts, the Holiday 2015 Collection puts the fun in functional. Piping, pleats, pockets, and prints breathe life into basic pieces and reinforce the youthful spirit that defines the brand.

Kashieca_1340LO1 - 3
With the Ben Chan, Suyen Corp’s Chairman and Big Boss – my idol in being a homegrown, hardworking, successful Filipino entrepreneur!

I’m proud to say that our local brands can easily compete side by side with the international brands in the world of fashion. And amongst the many Filipino brands we have out in the market today, Bench has always stayed true to its core values: providing excellent quality and great style to all its products. Congratulations and more power to Bench!

Let’s buy local and love local!

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