Historical Sites at Fukuoka and Hiroshima

From Osaka, via the train again, we headed to Fukuoka City.

It was to be a quick visit, just enough time to visit the Kushida-jinja Shrine in the Hakata area. It is a shrine to the Shinto god of immortality, Okushida Sama, whom locals visit for blessings for long life and success in business. While the original Kushida shrine was built in 757 AD – making it the oldest Shinto shrine in Fukuoka – it burned in a fire and was rebuilt in 1587.




It was a quick day trip in Fukuoka. But before we left, we chanced upon St. Marc Cafe, known for its Choco Cro and anything Matcha or Green Tea. (We now have this in Megamall too. Thanks to Ben Chan for bringing this franchise to Manila!)


And here’s a tip if you have more time to spend in Fukuoka : This city is also known for its authentic ramen. The famous ramen house, Ippudo, was actually born here!

Now on to Hiroshima


And our first order of business: Roasted Green Tea and Green Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream Swirl, which I’ve been searching for since we arrived in Japan! And I found it right here at the Hiroshima train station!


I am sure we all recognize the name Hiroshima from our history classes. And while I love Japan for what it is and what it offers, it is also a sobering moment to remember what happened during the Second World War.

By chance, we were at Hiroshima only a few days before the 70th year commemoration of the devastating bombing it experienced in 1945.

It was just fitting that our trip to this city brought us to this site, where we came face to face with history and the sad realities of war. Yes, we brought our kids here – as we know, travel is the best teacher and we are lucky to have the opportunity to expose them to experiences such as this.


This is the actual site of the Hiroshima bombing.



To this day, historians still argue if it was really necessary for the US to use the atomic bomb to end the war. Some think that a similar outcome could have been achieved otherwise.

We didn’t have a big itinerary in Hiroshima, and soon, we were back on the train.


Watch out for the next and final instalment of our Japan holiday. Can you guess where we’re headed next???

Till then!


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