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As this blog has grown, so has the idea of who The Spoiled Mummy is. I believe all of us can be spoiled mummies; all of us can (and should!) find ways to take care of ourselves and put ourselves first, because our tendency as mummies is to put everyone ahead!

With this in mind, let me introduce a new series on this blog: the Spoiled Sessions wherein guest bloggers share what it means to be spoiled in their own lives (sometimes with a “push” from me, haha).

Our first guest blogger is Candice Lopez-Quimpo, a writer and editor and mummy of two. For her, yoga is her sacred time, but something that she had put aside for years because there was always “something more important to do”… until now, as she made the time to spoil herself at the studios of Beyond Yoga for some long-overdue me-time…


The first thing I did was to open my calendar and set appointments with myself. My calendar is color-coded according to what the item is. I, my husband, and my two children get a color each. My projects and clients get a color each. Household bills have their own, too.

Mine is yellow, bright and sunny, and up until a point, was marked with errands, chores, and other to-dos. My personal time was marked with things I needed to get done, not things I needed to do for myself. Yes, there’s the occasional social engagement. But a regular date with myself? Not until now.

So when I was handed a chance for a One Month Unlimited Yoga + Dance package at Beyond Yoga, I was thrilled… and then I was concerned. The habit of mentally going through everyone else’s needs was too easy to get into but this time, thankfully, I pushed it firmly away. Yes, I was going to fill up my calendar with unlimited me-time.

And so on a Saturday morning, instead of accompanying my son to his own activity (the husband can do that, yes?), I showed up at Beyond Yoga’s QC studio. It was near enough and easy enough to get to. One point for this experience so far.

What greets you at Beyond Yoga Quezon City.

I like the fact that I could choose among several locations. It lessens the number of excuses of why I can’t go. (Are you as good with excuses as I am? What an awful trap I set for myself, I know.)

I told myself to just show up. Show up even if I hadn’t been on the mat for more than two years, even if I’m not yoga-chic-attired, even if I didn’t even know what Vinyasa meant after all the time I’ve attended a yoga class. I did have a general idea, and that morning, the teacher Anna Manalastas, explained what Vinyasa what in a way that was easy to grasp. I got the sense that the Beyond Yoga philosophy of yoga being for everyone is through the conscious effort to relate the practice with real life—that being mindful and being intentional, for instance, should translate in the day-to-day.


At the Vinyasa 1 class—the basic, beginner one—I went through the basic poses while minding my breath. Sounds easy? This basic class was certainly doable, but it was tough on the unstretched, sitting-in-front-of-the-computer, and mostly immobile person that I had turned into.  Anna encouraged the class to soldier on, to move through our poses, to breathe (don’t hold that breath!), and to flow. At the end I was amazed to have finished it, but more than inspired to go back.

But real life does happen, and my calendar attests to that. During the rest of the next week, Vinyasa 1 was scheduled at times that didn’t line up with my days. A friend told me to try Yin Yoga and said not to be fooled by the concept of holding poses for longer.

So on a weeknight, I showed up for Kit Navarro’s evening class, whom I heard is a much in-demand teacher. If Vinyasa and its constant movement is Yang, Yin Yoga is more “passive” with its focus on connective tissues by holding poses for 3-5 minutes.

Again, not as easy as it sounds. Yin Yoga, though, is very surprising to me. It is a conscious effort to let go and relax, and doesn’t that sound contradictory? Kit said that stress is too easy for us; it is our impulse and we need to consciously relax. We need to practice to relax. Our default is to think too much, to multitask, to want to be many steps ahead. At Yin Yoga class, the hardest part was to keep the mind steady and in the present. To think of nothing. Emptying the mind so the real world is easier to face after and to carry that conscious calmness with you.

At the end of each class, don’t forget to take some tea that the studio prepares. I think of this as a transitional ritual that links me back to the outside world.


The beauty of an unlimited class package is the opportunity to find the mix that works for you. In the beginning, I thought I was going to hit all the mat classes (sayang kasi, eh), but it would beat the purpose of engaging in these if I were to stress myself out, right? So for now, I have found complimentary classes to look forward to. And who knows, maybe I’ll feel inspired to take a dance class before the month ends.

The package also came in handy one day when I wanted to take an early Vinyasa class only to have my transportation plans messed up, so I missed it. I decided to take the next class today, another Yin Yoga class, this time with Brian Joanne Reyes. This chance class showed me that it’s a good thing to “shop” teachers too, or at least to open one’s self to other teachers because the experience is different, and different is good.

Going to Beyond Yoga’s classes also gave me the mental space to consider things quietly. In practice, I learn about life in a way. Vinyasa allows me to stretch myself beyond what is comfortable while Yin Yoga teaches me to me kind to myself.

Beyond Yoga has studios all over Metro Manila. Have a look at their Libis branch.

In two short weeks, going back to the mat has taught me that spoiling myself is one of the best things I can give myself. I go back to my family reenergized and happier. Isn’t that what we need to be as good mummies?


Note: The Unlimited Yoga + Dance Package is valid for one studio only.  Other packages are also available as seen here.

Beyond Yoga has studios all over Metro Manila (*with three opening soon!):

Beyond Quezon City
3/F il Terrazzo Bldg., Scout Madrinian St., cor. Tomas Morato Ave., QC. +63917 5329663

Beyond Libis
Units 8 & 9 3/F, Richmond Centre, 8001 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. QC. +63917 8758268

Beyond Rockwell
3/F Rockwell Drive cor. Palma St., Makati. +63917 5229449 / +63998 9997625

Beyond Fairview
301-304 Regalado Hive, Regalado Ave., QC. +632 4636569

Beyond Greenhills
2/F Metropointe Center, P. Guevarra cor N. Averilla St. San Juan City. +63917 8143886

Beyond Alabang
Westgate Center, Filinvest, Alabang. +632.8312211 / +63917.7212095

*Beyond Serendra
2/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. +63917 6299642

*Beyond Salcedo
101 Three Salcedo Place, 123 Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati. +63917 5608265

* Beyond Mall of Asia
Five Ecom Center, Harbor Drive cor. Bayshore Ave., SM MOA Complex, Pasay. +63917 6320265



If you are interested in contributing a guest blog post, just answer the question: “How are you a Spoiled Mummy and care for yourself?” Send in your answer to inquiries@thespoiledmummy.com and tell me all about it!


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