Postcard from Tokyo


We were barely back in Manila after our 3 week stay in the US (did I even tell you I was back?) and I found myself packing again. And now, I’m sending this postcard from Tokyo!

At the Asakusa Sensoji Temple
At the Sensoji Temple

It was a spontaneous family trip, squeezing in extra time together before school starts again for the kiddos. It’s a good place to be, after the hustle and bustle in New York especially. While Tokyo is also a busy and cosmopolitan city, I can’t help but notice how much slower the pace is here than in NYC. (Maybe everything is slower when compared to New York!)

Asakusa area

Everything here is so high tech, even their public toilets come with heated seats and lot of control buttons! It’s such an efficient and orderly city, without letting urbanisation take over everything – their surroundings are still clean and green. Amazing how the Japanese are able to combine being modern and being environmental conscious at the same time!

Pork Tonkatsu with Curry Sauce in a street corner

Of course, when it comes to travel, the food – for me – matters a lot! And Tokyo has been nothing but gastronomic! There is good food to be had anywhere, everywhere. Even the hole-in-the-wall and no-name restaurants here have delicious food! I have had amazing ramen, soba, tonkatsu, yakitori, kobe beef (you name it, I’ve had it!) and other delicious dishes since I got here.

Kobe Beef in Sazanka, Okura Hotel
Kobe Beef in Sazanka, Okura Hotel

Tokyo is also the city known to have the most number of Michelin-starred restaurants, beating Paris, the home and origin of haute cuisine. I feel fortunate to have tried some of the world’s best restaurants here and to have personally met some of the most renowned chefs too!

IMG_3192 copy
Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki

Plus of course, the desserts! Where do I even begin? Tokyo is home to a lot of amazing French inspired Japanese Patisseries!


This is it for now, my dear spoiled mummies! Told you, just sending you a short postcard from Tokyo! I have to get back to my mummy duties now and start exploring the city again with the curious kiddos.


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    1. Hi Malou, we don’t have anyone (not even a travel agency) make our itinerary for us. We just do our own research (we check travel websites, magazines and also ask friends for their recommendations) and then we just follow it based on our instincts!

      Enjoy Japan!

      Grace xxx

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